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Java, Objective-C Still Popular Thanks To Mobile Development

Every month, TIOBE Software releases an index of the most popular programming languages based upon a variety of factors. Most months, the popularity of these languages don’t change much thanks to developers sticking to what they know. As we head into 2014, that still remains to be the case. The first TIOBE Index report of 2014 has gone live and …

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JavaScript Is Encroaching On The C Family’s Turf

The C family of languages is incredibly popular if you go by the TIOBE Programming Community Index. That has not changed going into June 2013, but one language is creeping up fast. TIOBE Software reports that JavaScript has made its way back into the top 10 programming languages for June. It says that the boost in JavaScript use is thanks …

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Objective-C’s Growth In Popularity Has Stalled

Traditional development trends has ensured that the C and C++ programming languages remain popular even decades after their creation. Despite being created in the same year as C++, Objective-C was never as popular. That all changed with the advent of the iPhone, but things are starting to slow down. The TIOBE Programming Community Index, an index that charts the popularity …

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Google Makes iOS Development Easier For Java Coders

Apple requires that iOS development be done in Objective-C. That single decision has led to Objective-C overtaking C++ in July in programming language rankings. Despite its increased popularity, Java is still more popular. That’s why Google has made a new translator for Java developers to easily translate their code into Objective-C for iOS development. Google announced the release of J2ObjC …

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Objective-C Overtakes C++ In July Thanks To Apple

One of the more interesting things to look at each month is the TIOBE Index. It collects all the programming languages and lists the top 20 based on “skilled engineers world-wide, courses and third party vendors.” C and Java are usually battling for the top, but the third position fro July is definitely interesting. The TIOBE Index has found that …

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