Java, Objective-C Still Popular Thanks To Mobile Development

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Every month, TIOBE Software releases an index of the most popular programming languages based upon a variety of factors. Most months, the popularity of these languages don't change much thanks to developers sticking to what they know. As we head into 2014, that still remains to be the case.

The first TIOBE Index report of 2014 has gone live and it confirms what you may have expected all along - the C programming language family is still going strong. In the first month report, C, Objective-C, C++ and C# are all in the top five. The only non-C programming language in the top five is Java thanks to Android development.

Here are the top 20 programming languages according to TIOBE:

Java, Objective-C Still Popular Thanks To Mobile Development

While much of the top five list is all about mobile development, the conversation shifts to Web development as you move down the list. TIOBE notes that there's not much changing on that front despite the big push to get HTML5 into more Web pages. The only real evidence of that push is JavScript jumping from 10th place to ninth place in a year.

As for Transact-SQL moving 12 spots to the number 10 spot, TIOBE says this is mostly due to not much happening in 2013. In fact, Transact-SQL is only used in Microsoft's SQLServer which is losing popularity among developers. All of this just means that there's been no major shakeups in the programming languages used by developers around the world.

Image via TIOBE