JavaScript Is Encroaching On The C Family's Turf

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The C family of languages is incredibly popular if you go by the TIOBE Programming Community Index. That has not changed going into June 2013, but one language is creeping up fast.

TIOBE Software reports that JavaScript has made its way back into the top 10 programming languages for June. It says that the boost in JavaScript use is thanks to novel applications like node.js and its use in making HTML5 games.

The C family in the top 10 - C, Objective-C, C++ and C# - probably don't have to worry though as TIOBE says JavaScript has some challenges ahead of it before it becomes broadly adopted:

The JavaScript language is generally regarded as a programming language in which it is easy to make mistakes. It is interpreted, so most errors show up only at run-time. That's why Google designed Dart (currently at position 80) as JavaScript's successor. But also other programming languages were designed to generate JavaScript code instead of writing it manually.

In other news, Objective-C is climbing its way back up the Community Index. In April, growth had stalled and it slipped behind C++ to rank 4. Now it's back on top of C++. It's most likely due to an increase in iOS development. It will likely only increase in the coming months as well with iOS 7 on the horizon.

The only other change among the C family is that C# has fallen to sixth place after being dethroned by PHP. It's only a regular fluctuation though, and I wouldn't be surprised to see it back up next month.

Here's the full list of the top 20 programming languages as determined by the TIOBE Programming Community Index:

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