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Viral Video: Joy of Books

In a world of iPads, Kindles, Nooks and laptops, the classic book is slipping. But, a pair of book aficionados in Toronto were willing to recruit friends and put in tireless nights of stop motion photography work to fan the low embers of book support. The result was this gorgeous video that has so far been viewed 2.5 million times …

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CES 2012: E Ink Shows Off New Color Display

Ever since Amazon brought E Ink displays to the world’s attention with the first Kindle reader, e-reader users have been clamoring for color displays on their devices. Now it seems that they might soon get their wish. E Ink has been showcasing their new Triton color display at CES this week. E Ink displays can be found in pretty much …

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Free Nook With Purchase of NYT Offer Runs Through March 9th

Barnes & Noble has just announced a new promotion that offers big savings on their Nook line of e-readers, but also requires a pretty big commitment to a certain digital publication. If you were looking to purchase a year’s subscription to one of the most venerable newspapers in the country and have yet to purchase the device on which to …

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Barnes & Noble Looks To Spin-Off Nook Amid Record Sales

Barnes & Noble announced today that it is pursuing “strategic exploratory work to separate its Nook business”. In other words, the company is looking to spin Nook off. “We see substantial value in what we’ve built with our Nook business in only two years, and we believe it’s the right time to investigate our options to unlock that value,” said …

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Nook Tablet Leaked, Release Date November 16th

It looks like Barnes & Noble is about to launch its answer to the new Amazon Kindle Fire with the first true tablet to grace their line of Nook e-readers – the Nook Tablet. Engadget has unearthed some documents that confirm the Nook Tablet launch for November 16th. The new device will start at $249. Apparently, it is incredibly similar …

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Is Apple Interested In Purchasing Barnes & Noble?

Would it make sense for Apple to purchase Barnes & Noble, the nations largest book retailer? If you read into Internet gossip, and you know you do, this is the rumor of the moment. It appears the rumor started over at BGR where an “unproven source claiming to have knowledge of discussions within Apple to possibly purchase Barnes & Noble.” …

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E-Reader Ownership Surges, Tablets Not So Much

Americans are embracing the pageless book. At least that’s the impression taken from a Pew Internet study of United States adults. Pew looked at over 2,200 Americans aged 18 and over and found that e-reader use is on a sharp upswing. In Novemeber of 2010, they conducted the same survey and found that only 6% of the people reported owning …

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Amazon Kindle 3G with “Special Offers” Arrives

As the price battles heat up in the world of e-readers, Amazon has announced that it is offering its Kindle with 3G at a lower price – if you can tolerate the advertising. The new Kindle 3G with Special Offers will run customers $164, 25 bucks cheaper than the original Kindle 3G which retails for $189. The new member to …

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New Nook is Smaller, Lighter and Touch-Enabled

Barnes & Noble has just announced its all new Nook, and at only $139 it looks poised to challenge Amazon’s Kindle with wi-fi only in the market of more affordable e-readers. The all new Nook is the lightest e-reader on the market. It has a six inch screen with E Ink Pearl display and an is optimized the decrease flashing …

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Nook Color Updated, Gets App Store, Froyo

If you ever asked yourself about the difference between an e-reader and a tablet, your query may have gotten a little bit more difficult to answer. A brand new upgrade for the Nook Color seriously blurs the line between e-reader and tablet.  Version 1.2.0 will be rolling out as an automatic download over the next few weeks, but users can …

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Barnes & Noble Declares Nook Devices Bestsellers

Three days after Amazon declared the third-generation Kindle the best-selling product in its history, Barnes & Noble has responded with a similar claim.  It seems the Nook line of devices now qualifies as Barnes & Noble’s all-time bestseller.

One small nuisance: like Amazon, Barnes & Noble chose not to share any specific sales figures, so don’t think we failed to repeat the number of Nooks that have found their way into consumers’ hands.  The company only said that almost 1 million "NOOKbooks" were sold on Christmas.

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Barnes & Noble Enhances Nook for iPhone, iPad, PC

Barnes & Noble announced some enhancements to it its Nook e-reading software for the PC, iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. There is a completely new app for the iphone and iPod.

"Completely new, the next-generation NOOK for iPhone application delivers the most personalized and easy-to-use eReading experience for iPhone and iPod touch owners," the company says. "NOOK for iPad adds customer-requested, in-app content rating and other improvements to the company’s popular iPad app, and NOOK for PC brings new branding to the company’s desktop software.

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Barnes & Noble Launches “NookStudy” for Students

As you may know, the digital book war between Amazon and Barnes & Noble has been heating up. Last week, Barnes & Noble announced an important move it is making, adding Nook boutiques to its brick and mortar stores across the country.

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Barnes & Noble Uses its Brick & Mortar Advantage Against Amazon’s Kindle

The e-book/e-reader wars are really heating up. Amazon has plenty of good news to share around its Kindle device. Now Barnes & Noble is talking about a major push to increase Nook sales.

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Barnes & Noble Launches Nook Android App

Barnes & Noble has introduced Nook for Android. This comes in the form of a free app that lets users read eBooks with customizable font styles. The company says this is the first Android eReader app that lets users share eBooks with friends.

The company also points out that this is the first eReader software to feature its new "NOOK-centric" branding. The app will soon be followed up with updated apps for the iPhone, iPad, and other devices.

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Borders Rolls Out eBook Store

Borders has launched its own branded eBook store, powered by eReading service Kobo.

The company says its goal is to capture 17 percent of the eBook market by July of 2011. Borders’ eBook store launches with more than 1.5 million titles, available in a number of formats, including ePub, mobile and PDF.

"The race to emerge as a retail leader within the digital category is just starting," said Mike Edwards, Chief Executive Officer for Borders, Inc.

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Barnes & Noble Forces Amazon to Lower Kindle Price

Earlier today, Barnes & Noble revealed a new Wi-Fi version of its Nook eBook reader, and along with that, dropped the price of its 3G version to $199. Not to be outdone, Amazon has now announced that it has dropped the price of its Kindle from $259 to $189.

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Barnes & Noble Introduces Nook Wi-Fi (A Cheaper Version)

Barnes and Noble today introduced its Nook Wi-Fi device priced at $149. In addition, the 3G version of the Nook has been lowered to $199.

The company notes that the new Nook 3G price marks the first under $200 dedicated full-feature eBook reader that offers both free 3G wireless and Wi-Fi connectivity. It also now has a new software update that is supposed to make it easier to connect in more places via Wi-Fi.

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Amazon Kindle Leads iPad In Brand Recognition

While eReaders are still becoming mainstream, the Amazon Kindle leads its competitors in brand recognition, with 61 percent of consumers having heard of the device, according to a new report from PriceGrabber.

More than half (55%) of consumers said they had heard of the Apple iPad. Thirty-four percent indicated they had heard of the Sony Reader, and 28 percent of consumers were aware of the Barnes & Noble nook.

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Barnes & Noble Nook Now In Stock Online

Barnes & Noble said today its nook e-reader is now in stock online and will be rolling out in the majority of its stores by mid-week.

Barnes & Noble sold out of nook stock online over the holidays due to high demand, which exceeded the bookseller’s expectations. Since then the company has ramped up production and is shipping stock to most of its stores this week. Customers can visit the Barnes & Noble nook In-Store Locator to find local stores with the device in-stock.

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Majority Of E-Reader Owners Have No Complaints

Owners of e-readers such as the Kindle report they are happy with their devices according to a new study by The NPD Group.

The majority (93%) of owners said they were "very satisfied" or "somewhat satisfied" with their device. Only 2 percent indicated any level of dissatisfaction.

Features are important to e-reader owners. More than half (60%) said wireless access was their favorite feature on their e-reader and nearly a quarter (23%) mentioned touch.

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