Barnes & Noble Announces Video Streaming Service, Nook Video

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Barnes & Noble hasn't been able to take the e-reader and mini-tablet worlds by storm the way Amazon has, but the company's Nook e-readers and tablets do have a following, and are well-made devices. The Kindle Fire, however, has changed things. No longer is the Kindle only for reading books. With a growing app store and broadening video streaming service, Amazon has created a device that provides a direct feed to the Amazon content ecosystem.

To catch up with the new paradigm, Barnes & Noble today announced its new video streaming service, Nook Video. The service will premiere this fall and will feature content from Sony Pictures, Viacom, Warner Bros, and Starz. The company also claims that "favorite movies" from Walt Disney Studios and original TV shows from HBO will be part of the service, including Brave, The Avengers, The Daily Show, The Walking Dead, True Blood, and Game of Thrones.

The service will not be subscription-based the way Amazon Prime or Netflix streaming is. Users will have to purchase their content from Nook video. The content will then be saved in Barnes & Noble's Nook Cloud service, allowing it to be viewed through soon-to-be-released Nook Video apps.

“As one of the world’s largest retailers of physical video discs and digital copyrighted content, our new Nook Video service will give our customers another way to be entertained with a vast and growing digital video collection, as part of our expansive Nook Store,” said William Lynch, CEO of Barnes & Noble. “The launch of our new digital video service with our long-time studio partners allows us to bring award-winning current and classic movies, TV shows, documentaries and more to millions of customers’ screens, coming soon.”

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