NOOK Overtakes Kindle Fire in Tablet Web Traffic

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In the world of tablets there are iPads and then there is virtually nothing, or, at least that would be the takeaway from a new report released by Chitika.

Looking at hundreds of millions of impressions gathered from the company's advertising network between June 4 and June 10, 2012, Chitika found that 91.07% of tablet internet traffic comes from iPads. As daunting as that percentage must be for Apple's competitors, it should come as some small relief that the market share of internet traffic from iPads is actually down from May when it was 94.64%. Still, Apple's scored a remarkable coup in making the iPad synonymous with tablets.

Internet Web Traffic Shares Among Tablets

Really, it's almost inconsequential to even talk about the iPad's dominance anymore. It's like constantly reminding everyone that, hey, the sky is up.

Anyways. The scraps that Apple's competitors are left to contend for are few but still yield some significant findings among non-iPads. Samsung continues to distinguish itself from the rest of the non-iPads with 1.77% of tablet web traffic. One significant shift in the survey saw the latest NOOK release, NOOK Simple Touch with Glowlight, the first e-reader on the market with a self-illuminating screen, propel the brand past Amazon's Kindle Fire for the first time. In May, the Kindle Fire and NOOK staked 0.82% and 0.53% of web traffic, respectively, but those numbers in June look a lot different as the NOOK claimed 0.85% while the Kindle Fire slipped down to 0.71%.

The latest NOOK isn't even a web-browsing tablet, either - it's just an e-reader that happens to be immensely accommodating for those dim and dark places where people like to read, and apparently those types of people are many. That the Kindle Fire's market share remained in the same ballpark while NOOK's share jumped up suggests Barnes & Noble, who make the NOOK, released a product that people have been wanting for a while.

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