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David Crosby Talks Joni Mitchell’s Aneurysm, Disses Kanye West

David Crosby of Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young fame has long been a close friend of Joni Mitchell’s. Crosby recently confirmed that the ‘Big Yellow Taxi’ singer did, in fact, suffer an aneurysm when she was mysteriously hospitalized back in March. Earlier reports said she suffered from Morgellons Disease. There had been some speculation that she had an aneurysm, too, …

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Joni Mitchell Improving, Still Hospitalized–What is Morgellons Disease?

Joni Mitchell remains hospitalized several days after being rushed to the hospital after a collapse. Doctors say her condition is improving. Her medical scare has prompted people all over the world to wonder about the mysterious disease she claims to suffer from–Morgellons disease. What is it? More importantly–is it real? The Mayo Clinic says Morgellons disease is both mysterious and …

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Joni Mitchell Remains Hospitalized, ‘Getting Stronger Each Day’

Joni Mitchell, who has been hospitalized with Morgellons Disease, is reportedly getting “stronger each day,” according to an update on her official website. On March 31, the Canadian folk singer was rushed to a Los Angeles hospital suffering from the affects of the rare disease. “Joni remains under observation in the hospital and is resting comfortably,” the April 3 statement …

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Morgellons Disease Terrorizes Internet & Twitter For A Day

Ever feel like you’ve got tiny insects crawling all over you and biting your skin? Do you get oozing skin lesions as a result, or ever see blue, black, or red granules beneath or extruding from your skin? What about even vaguer terms, like short-term memory loss or depression and feelings of isolation? If you experience one or more of …

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