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MovableType SEO
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Alright I touched on Movabletype and SEO this last week in my best movable type plugins article with the intent to come back and provide some specific details.

Google Toolbar 4 for SEO

Aaron posts a great rundown on Google Toolbar 4 for Internet Explorer and what it means for search engine optimization.

Jux2 Adds MSN Results and Toolbar

I just noticed today that the meta engine Jux2 has added several new features.

Should Meta Tags Be Used With Search Engine Optimization?

I deal with many questions from curious website owners everyday. One question I have a new answer for is, “Should I use META tags on my site when do search engine optimization?”

How to Handle Web Surfers Who Disable JavaScript

This article describes how to create a web page that can be viewed by users, who have disabled JavaScript support or whose web browser does not support it.

Meta Descriptions Appear In Google SERPs

Descriptive content from META tags and Open Directory project descriptions may be replacing actual site text.

Page Rank Purgatory

Are Meta Tags Really Dead?

How to Make Better Use of Web Site Page Titles and META Data

A special search engine optimization case study on manufacturers shows how any business can do a better job with web site page titles and META data. New case studies explain how to improve them.

TurboScout: a New Meta Search Engine

A 21 year-old undergraduate from Singapore launched TurboScout.com, a new search tool that helps Internet users to access and compare original results from over 90 search engines across 7 categories on a single web page, removing the hassle of retyping keywords into different search engines.

Are You Getting The Most From Your Meta Tags?

As any Web Business startup knows, creating a Website is a bunch of work! You have to bother with content, layout, graphics and HTML links, just to name a few. What about your Meta Tags?

Info.com: Consumer Focused Meta Search

Recently, a new meta search engine was launched under the name of Info.com. For those unaware, meta search engines pool the results of other search engines (Google, Yahoo) into a single result set. This approach to web search is an attempt to present the most relevant results as meta engines focus on filtering out extraneous listings. Otherwise, users would be flooded with millions of result pages (depending on the keyword’s popularity).

KaZaZZ Launches Meta Music Search

KaZaZZ music search is not a music download site, but rather a meta search engine that queries sites that contain mp3s.

Are Meta Keywords Back In For Search?

Over the last few years web producers have been told that ‘Meta Keywords’ hold only the slightest consideration in search engine page rank, if at all. Yet we all still post these strings of meta keywords and discuss at length in SEO threads the appropriate way to display them. Some webmasters use commas, some say no spaces between the commas, while others advocate long logical strings of words to match natural search queries.

Siebel CRM solutions Positioned as Leader in META Group’s 2004 METAspectrum Vendor Analysis

Siebel Systems today announced that its CRM solutions are positioned in the leader category in META Group’s 2004 METAspectrum(SM) vendor analysis for CRM application suites.

Juniper Networks Ranked Market Leader for SSL VPN by META Group

META Group Attributes Juniper Networks’ Leadership to Dominant Market Share, Vision, and Strength in Innovation and Delivery of New SSL VPN Functionality.

Title Tags, Meta Descriptions and Keywords

Just when I finally stopped getting the dreaded “Do I need commas or no commas in my Meta keyword tag” question, there’s been a new stream of Meta tag questions being asked at the forum and in my email box.

Photopheed.com Unveils new Digital Photography-only Meta Search Engine

Photopheed.com unveiled their new Digital Photography-only meta search engine designed to cut through all of the Internet clutter and return only relevant digital photography-related search results.

Double listings at Google

Have you ever searched for something on Google and noticed that a website has a double listing – a main listing and a second listing indented – and wondered “Why?” And then wondered, “How?”

The Best Traffic Generation Tool Is Free

Although search engines have been around since the beginning of the Web, many businesses (large and small) are just now waking up to the gigantic benefit search engines provide. What other medium gives you – at absolutely no cost whatsoever – a way to drive unlimited traffic to your site? None. That’s why, once people understand search engine optimization (SEO), they get hooked!

Cache Bashing: Google API Used In SEO War
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The Nigritude Ultramarine seo contest just got nastier with the addition of an application that uses Google’s API to scrape Google’s cached pages of Nigritude Ultramarine sites. The wily creator of this app then cloaks the stolen pages as if they were his, and since he’s got higher PageRank he kicks the site he copied out due to the duplicate site penalty.

Debunking Search Engine Optimization Mythology

I just got out of a meeting with a company interested in contracting our search engine optimization services. And once again, I heard the two most common big myths about web site optimization: