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PBS Site for Kids 3 to 6

Small children are fighting their parents for the mouse these days.

Pretty soon they’ll demand their own laptops and want money to spend on their own music and web sites.

CBS Partners with Digg on Election Coverage

Now here’s a strange partnership. CBS Interactive has announced a partnership with social bookmarking site Digg for online coverage of the 2008 election. Through the deal, Digg buttons will be added to CBS stories and Digg’s election related headlines will be displayed on CBSNews.com.

One Laptop Per Child Loses Intel

Intel announced they are leaving the nonprofit One Laptop Per Child project. OLPC produces low-cost laptops for developing nations.

Fighting and differences between the two couldn’t be bridged. It was six months ago Intel and OLPC founder Nick Negroponte announced they would work together to produce the laptops.

Teach Your Little Ones with Google Apps

My seven year old son wants to program online games badly.

After playing Pokemon online he got the notion that he wanted to make something like that. He pestered me for days about setting him up so he could make cool games where his friends could checkout his games. I struggled for a few days trying to find a solution for him. He’s seven so there has to be some reward for the initial work he does to keep his interest. You can’t just throw a seven year old in the deep end and let him flounder.

Violent Video Games Easy For Kids To Buy

Nearly all stores (94%) say they have policies in place to prevent children under 17 from purchasing M-rated (mature) video games, but close to 50 percent of the time secret shoppers were able to buy such games according to the National Institute on Media and the Family.

Club Penguin Kids Can Make A Difference
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Club Penguin, the virtual gaming world for kids, will allow it members to donate some of their virtual coins to charity.

Google Expands Contests to Pre-College Kids

Building on the success of the Summer of Code Contests, Google has expanded the contests to now include the pre-College community.

The contest is open to students age 13 and older who have not yet begun university studies, and contestants will be able to claim tasks until 12:00 a.m. Pacific Time on January 22, 2008.

We hope that students who participate will be long-term contributors to these and other open source projects in the future, and we look forward to announcing the grand-prize winners on February 11.

Parents Pass On Playing Video Games With Kids

Eight out of ten children between the ages of 4 and 17 frequently play computer or video games, according to a new poll from AOL Games and the Associated Press.

Parents Don’t Think Internet Good For Kids

A new study finds that parents have become more conflicted in their view of the Internet and how it relates to their children.

Exclusive: Miss America Talks Net Safety

Miss America is taking steps to keep kids safe on the Internet with a new web browser designed especially for kids. Miss America, Lauren Nelson, spoke exclusively in a video interview with WebProNews about the launch. The browser is a partnership with the Children’s Educational Network.

Widgets A Hit With Kids

Widgets are all the rage lately, as evidenced by the avalanche at Facebook once the social networking site opened up to developers. Advertisers, too, are figuring out that if you want to get to the younger crowds, widgets are the way to go.

Microsoft, Houghton Mifflin Help Kids

When you read about publishers on WebProNews, it tends to be because Google’s doing something with them.  This time, however, Houghton Mifflin is in the news, and it’s Microsoft, not Google, with which the company has been associated.

All The Good Kids Are On Facebook
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Through several months of observation, Danah Boyd found something of a divide between users of social networking sites MySpace and Facebook.

Marketers, It’s Your Fault Kids Are Fat

There are at least two sides to this and we’ll try to address them both. The Center for Digital Democracy is looking to the US government to regulate the marketing of unhealthy food to children online.

MoveOn Blasts MySpace Over Censorship
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MoveOn’s executive director Eli Pariser called MySpace a "serial censorer of user-generated content" and presented a litany of complaints about the social networking site’s practices.

Kids More Tech Savvy Than Parents

Children between the ages of 8 to 14 years old are performing a variety of tasks online such as shopping and helping their parents navigate the Internet, according to a study from Stars for Kidz, "Surfin on Mom’s Turf".

Flickr Readies 333 Birthday Party

The photo community site has a party planned for Saturday, March 3rd, in San Francisco to celebrate Flickr’s third birthday.

Kids Do More Than Play Games Online
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For children ages 6-11 the most common online activity is playing games with 48 percent saying they had done so at least once in the last month according to new data from Experian Simmons. While that is not a major revelation what is surprising is that 21 percent said they had used the Internet to do homework and research.

NASA’s Virtual World For Kids

Numedeon, Inc., creators of Whyville the educational virtual world for children and young teenagers, has created a site for NASA

Nickelodeon Launches Virtual World For Kids
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Popular children’s cable network Nickelodeon is venturing into the virtual world with their launch of Nicktropolis today. The site is geared towards children 6 to 14 and allows visitors to enter a virtual world where they can play games, watch video, interact with other kids, and create their own 3D rooms.

Google Slapped By Sausage Manifesto

Something entitled “The Sausage Manifesto” harkens to memory surreal Kids In The Hall sketches – kissing the sausage box; a scratchy-throated table-pounding old Canadian with a one-track disgustingly syrupy mind – but that’s not what it is. The Sausage Manifesto is a marching order written in the chilly twilight of a Chicago morning: a writ demanding that search engines do more about click fraud.