Hulu Launches Kid-Friendly Ad-Free Section "Hulu Kids"

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Hulu has just unveiled Hulu Kids, their new kid-friendly streaming section. It is now available online at and on the PS3. At launch, Hulu has included 43 kids shows inside the new section.

All of the video housed inside the Hulu Kids section is age-appropriate and ad-free, as long as you're a Hulu Plus subscriber.

"For Hulu Plus subscribers logged in on the Hulu website, Hulu Kids features our popular “Shows You Watch” tray so little ones can quickly jump to their favorite shows. There are categories to browse, like “Dino Time” for videos featuring “Barney” and the lovable reptiles from “Dinosaur Train,” and “Cartoon Favorites” for shows like “Arthur” and “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles“. (Yep, they’re back.) You can also scroll through shows from Nickelodeon and PBS, or simply browse through all of our shows in a grid format," says Hulu.

This way, parents can turn their kids loose inside the Kids section without fear that they will stumble upon content that's not suitable for their age.

Hulu is a little bit late to this party, as Hulu Kids launches over a year after Netflix launched their similar initiative, "Just for Kids." Netflix has since expanded the "Just for Kids" section to be available on the Xbox 360, PS3, and the iPad.

Earlier this week, Hulu entered into a new partnership with CBS to give users access to CBS's catolog of shows (over 2,600 episodes) by January 2013. Users will reportedly not be able to watch new episodes of CBS shows as they air.

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