Third-Grader Is Really Pissed That Obama Won

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Earlier this week, we checked up on the "Bronco Bama" girl, a four-year-old that previously went viral by lamenting the seemingly endless cycle of political bickering leading up to the Presidential election. We noted that she seemed happy that President Obama was reelected to a second term - but she was probably just happy that it was all over. I mean, she's four. She probably smiled at "Bronco Bama's" victory because she thought his name was Bronco Bama. Wouldn't you want someone named "Bronco" in the White House?

Anyway, now for the complete opposite reaction. This third-grader is so apoplectic over the election results that he can't seem to get out of bed.

Am I the only one who thinks that a third grader (and especially a four-year-old) probably shouldn't have this much of an emotional stake in a Presidential election? Sure, the mother handled it exceptionally well - but that deep-seated political fervor probably didn't get in that kid's head all by itself.

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