Netflix Launches "Just for Kids" on Xbox 360

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Netflix wants to keep protecting your kids from some of more adult content available on their service, as well as highlight programming that is designed specifically for them. In order to do that, they've just announced that they have expanded their "Just for Kids" initiative to the Xbox 360.

Netflix launched Just for Kids back in 2011 on the Mac and PC, as a "more intuitive and enjoyable way for children to watch all of the great age-appropriate TV shows and movies available to watch instantly streaming from Netflix." Netflix worked with consumer group Common Sense Media to determine what would be housed in the Just for Kids area, which Netflix says is suitable for kids 12 and under.

Since then, they've been expanding Just for Kids to more devices - the Nintendo Wii, AppleTV, and the PS3 back in March.

And now, when you fire up your Netflix app on your Xbox 360, you'll have the choice to go to the new Just for Kids section.

"With Netflix Just for Kids it's easy for my kids and yours alike to stay in a safe area for their television viewing when using Xbox 360. Parents, you can unleash your kids in this section of Netflix and not worry about titles that could be inappropriate. As always, there are no commercials on Netflix," says Netflix.

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