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BioShock Infinite: The Siren Raises The Dead

The team at Irrational Games has consistently wowed gamers over the past three weeks with the reveals of the “totally not Big Daddy” Heavy Hitters in BioShock Infinite. To recap, first was the reveal of the Motorized Patriot, a robotic George Washington wielding a minigun. The next reveal was The Handyman, an enemy that’s about as close as you’re going …

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BioShock Infinite: Boys of Silence Bring The Noise

As promised, Irrational Games is here again to give us the skinny on the new “totally not a Big Daddy” Heavy Hitter from BioShock Infinite. To recap, the two Heavy Hitters revealed so far have been the robotic George Washington and The Handyman. The newest Heavy Hitter is the most disturbing one yet. Meet the Boys of Silence, the enemy …

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BioShock Infinite Details Second Heavy Hitter: The Handyman

Irrational Games began detailing their Big Daddy-like enemies for BioShock Infinite last week with the Robotic George Washington. They promised a new reveal every week for these intimidating foes and they have delivered again this week. The second Heavy Hitter is named the Handyman. While the name conjures up images of a plumber or carpenter, the reality couldn’t be further …

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BioShock Infinite Introduces Robotic George Washington

There’s not been a lot of information on BioShock Infinite for a while now, but Irrational Games is hoping to change that starting today. Today on the Irrational Games blog, the team posted the first update in a series on enemies called the “Heavy Hitters.” The first one to be introduced is the Motorized Patriot, but I’m just going to …

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