BioShock Infinite Introduces Robotic George Washington

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There's not been a lot of information on BioShock Infinite for a while now, but Irrational Games is hoping to change that starting today.

Today on the Irrational Games blog, the team posted the first update in a series on enemies called the "Heavy Hitters." The first one to be introduced is the Motorized Patriot, but I'm just going to call it "Robo Washington." I think it sounds better, but it might get confused with the currently peaceful Robo Washington standing guard at Disney World's Hall of Presidents.

Here's a video where Ken Levine talks about Robo Washington in detail and the inspiration behind his creation. I for one welcome our new robot masters modeled after American founding fathers.

It does make you wonder, however, how much faster Washington would have won the Revolutionary War if he had a minigun, or maybe it's just me. Either way, it's pretty awesome.

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