BioShock Infinite: Boys of Silence Bring The Noise

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As promised, Irrational Games is here again to give us the skinny on the new "totally not a Big Daddy" Heavy Hitter from BioShock Infinite. To recap, the two Heavy Hitters revealed so far have been the robotic George Washington and The Handyman. The newest Heavy Hitter is the most disturbing one yet.

Meet the Boys of Silence, the enemy that adds a much needed creepy factor to the game. Unlike previous videos, the team is staying rather tight-lipped on this enemy. It seems they want players to be surprised when they eventually meet them in game.

We can gather a few things about them from the video however. The team says that the Boys of Silence are blind, and operate entirely on sound. They're going to be the Heavy Hitter that players will want to sneak around instead of directly confronting. BioShock Infinite director Ken Levine says that they're like the cameras from the first BioShock, but they can walk around this time. If one of them does spot the player, it will call in reinforcements.

We don't get much of a look at the new enemy, but I can already see this guy going down as the enemy players will mostly want to avoid. Creating tension is important in first-person shooters and these guys do the trick.

There will be another reveal of the fourth Heavy Hitter next week at the same time. There has been no real overlapping theme between these enemies so far which makes guessing the next one even harder. I for one can't wait to see what they have in store next.

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