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Google Places Gives Small Business Bulk Upload Capability Google Places Gives Small Business Bulk Upload Capability

Google Places is playing their part to make managing small businesses with more than one location easier than ever. Essentially, people have been giving them feedback on what could make their site better, and they have been listening. Starting yesterday …

Google Places API Discussed In Latest Office Hours Google Places API Discussed In Latest Office Hours

It’s a new week which means it’s time for another Google Office Hours via Hangout. This week we have Paul Saxman and Marcello Camello of the Google Maps API team talking in length about the Google Places API and the …

Google Places Helps Small Businesses Get Noticed Google Places Helps Small Businesses Get Noticed
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Google has touted the benefits of Google+ for small businesses through various promotional videos. One service that doesn’t get a lot of public love in regards to small businesses is Google Places. The Google Places team held a Hangout on …

Google Plots Your Recommendations On Maps For You Google Plots Your Recommendations On Maps For You
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Google is now putting business labels for places that users have rated using Google Places on maps. Users can see what they rated a place for future reference. Google will also display additional places it thinks you’ll like through personalized …

The Muppets, Seinfeld, and The N00B The Muppets, Seinfeld, and The N00B

We’ve got a nice mixture of videos for you today. A wide array of topics for your viewing pleasure involving Charlie Day, Seinfeld, Modern Warfare 3, some crazy AT-AT walker looking thing, Louis CK hating something and the latest update …

Google No Longer Waiting For You To Update Your Business Listing Google No Longer Waiting For You To Update Your Business Listing
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Google announced that it is now updating business listings on Google Places for businesses, rather than waiting for businesses to do it. That’s not to say that you can’t update it yourself, but Google basically says it will do so …

Google Addresses Google Maps “Closed” Spam Google Addresses Google Maps “Closed” Spam
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While the concept of local search is still growing, and its potential has yet to be fully realized, the smartphone industry has allowed local, map-based search queries to be much more robust. A good example of the potential of local …

Google Places Now Imports Your Foursquare Data Google Places Now Imports Your Foursquare Data
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Late yesterday evening, the Google Places blog announced an update to their location-based service that aims to give you “better access to your content.” The first tweak is the ability to get your Google Place reviews and ratings as an …

Google Tags Are No More Google Tags Are No More
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After about a year of testing, Google has decided to get rid of its Tag advertising program for Google Places. The program allowed advertisers to highlight their organic listings with yellow tags showing offers, photos, videos, menus, reservations, etc. for …

Google Folds Hotpot Into Places Google Folds Hotpot Into Places
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Five months ago, Google launched a local recommendation product called Hotpot and explained that Google Places was one of three main ingredients (along with “the places you like” and “the places your friends like”).  Now, the situation’s been reversed, as …

Google Latitude App Updated

Over at the Mobile Blog, Google announced updates to two different iPhone apps, Google Latitude and Google Places. Google Latitude, the app that lets you see your friend’s locations on a Google map and share where you are, has added …

Search Google For Just Businesses That Are Currently Open

Google has launched a feature for its iPhone and Android mobile search that lets you see results for only local businesses that are actually open at the time of the search. While this may not seem incredibly helpful during normal business hours, it marks a tremendous boost in relevancy for late night searches. 

If You’re Not Local, How Can You Compete in an Increasingly Local Google?
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Update: Looks like there is likely to be a lot more local action coming Google’s way soon. 

Google Places with Hotpot App Released for iPhone

Google has launched Google Places with Hotpot for the iPhone. Given the iPhone’s pending availability to Verizon customers, this should provide a huge boost in use for Google’s recently launched local offering. Google Places with Hotpot has been available in Google Maps for Android, but now it’s a standalone iPhone app too. 

Google Brings New Level of Relevancy to Local
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Google has combined local search with personalized search, and social search to make a potentially powerful new kind of Google result that should benefit both users and businesses. These results come from a new Google product called "Hotpot", a recommendation engine designed for integration with Google Places. 

Google Intros Place Search to Deliver Local Results More Efficiently
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Google announced a new kind of search result called Place Search today. These results can be accessed from the new "Places" option in the left panel on Google search results pages, but unlike many of the other search options available in the panel, Google will actually return you these results for queries automatically, when it thinks you are looking for local information. 

Place Search results are marked with red pins, much like you’re used to seeing on Google Maps. 

Google Places Moves Forward With Pics Of Firms’ Interiors

Early this year, a rumor circulated that Google was exploring a concept called Google Store Views – basically a version of Street View that would photograph the interiors of businesses.  Now, pictures that were taken as part of a pilot program can be viewed on some companies’ Place pages.

Facebook Places, the Competition (Including Google) & Your Business
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A great deal of attention has been put on what Facebook Places means for the future of other check-in apps. This discussion has been around as long as the rumors of Facebook launching a location feature, which have been swirling for quite some time.

Will you check in with Facebook Places?
 Let us know.

Yelp Wins: Less Search Visibility

It looks like Yelp may have gotten its wish – for Google not to use its data for Place Pages. It is still unclear to me how less search engine visibility is a good thing, but, Google Place Pages appear to have eliminated Yelp.

Google Makes Reputation Management Easier for Local Businesses
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Google is now letting businesses respond to reviews posted on their Place Pages in Google Maps. This should be huge for reputation management, particularly as Google continues to place increased emphasis on these pages.

Do you monitor your Place Page for negative reviews? Let us know.

Booyah Taps Google Maps API, Places to Take MyTown International

Booyah announced today that it is taking MyTown international.

 The company has launched support for MyTown (for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad) across Canada, the United Kingdom and Australia. The company says this makes MyTown the first to support global check-ins utilizing the recently launched Places Web Service via the Google Maps API.