The Muppets, Seinfeld, and The N00B

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We've got a nice mixture of videos for you today. A wide array of topics for your viewing pleasure involving Charlie Day, Seinfeld, Modern Warfare 3, some crazy AT-AT walker looking thing, Louis CK hating something and the latest update to Peter Jackson's Hobbit video diary.

More of which can be seen here.

I’ll start us off with an attempt to escape from the law, one that fails miserably thanks to the innovate pursuit skills of the cops giving chase:

I'll start us off with a video of the Muppets, yes THE Muppets have now apparently joined Google+ and are planning a hangout. Now if only kids these days knew who the Muppets were... anyways, here goes:

The Muppets join Google+

WebProNews recently interviewing former Laker, Rick Fox, on the future of online media.

Louis CK Hates Twitter.

Crazy At-At walker looking thing. Bully for science.

Peter Jackson updates his video diary to talk about his work with 3D in relation to The Hobbit.

Charlie Day hosted SNL this past weekend, and managed a skit with Seinfeld references.

Google+ Pages are now active... for some.

Sam Worthington and Jonah Hill in a Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 commericial - The Vet and the N00B

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