Google Places Gives Small Business Bulk Upload Capability

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Google Places is playing their part to make managing small businesses with more than one location easier than ever. Essentially, people have been giving them feedback on what could make their site better, and they have been listening.

Starting yesterday you can manage updates and edits to multiple locations with their new bulk uploads user interface. So if you've been waiting for them to make some dramatic improvements, they're here.

Check out what they've enabled with the upgrades:

* Edit one or more of your listings’ data at once

* Search through your listings, filtering by specific information or for listings with errors

* Upload new listings using a data file or by adding them individually within the interface

* Tell us how we can improve this new interface by clicking the “Give Feedback” link

Whenever you use the Places dashboard and attempt to upload or edit a file, you will be rerouted to the new interface.

Google has been nice enough to provide us with this online tutorial about the upgrades:

This one might also be helpful, it is a little more in depth:

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