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Google Sets a Kill Date for Google+ Photos

This isn’t a shocker – we knew this was coming eventually. But Google has just set a kill date for Google+ Photos. Google will begin to shut down the photo feature inside its struggling social network on August 1st. The death will happen first on Android and then soon after on the web and iOS. Google unveiled its new Google …

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Google Unveils Its New Photos App At Google I/O

At Google I/O on Thursday, Google unveiled its new Google Photos app, which removes what little friction its old one may have had (by untying it from Google+) and giving users unlimited storage to store a “lifetime” of photos and videos. As with the existing app, photos are automatically backed up and synced. “And when we say a lifetime of …

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Google’s New Standalone Photo Service Could Debut at I/O

If Google+ has seen any sort of enthusiasm over the past couple of years, it’s thanks to photos. Google+ has some nice photo features, but there’s a problem – it’s all tied to Google+. The social network aspect of Google+ hasn’t been the most successful venture in the company’s history, to say the least. More evidence of that comes today, …

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Lanterns, Knots, & A Masquerade

It’s raining where I live; has been for two days now. Utter dreariness. If this describes the climate where you are today then take a break from gazing listlessly out the window and have a turn at today’s Top Photos From Google+ (or, if you’re in sunnier climes, still take a break for this). Move your mouse cursor over each …

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RUMOR: Google Rebranding Blogger and Picasa

In an effort to unify its brand, Google plans to rebrand some of their non-Google names, for the public launch of Google+. Two of the biggest properties reportedly getting a new name are Picasa and Blogger. Mashable is reporting that Google plans to rename Picasa “Google Photos” and Blogger will become “Google Blogs”. They go on to say that several …

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Google Changing Name Of Picasa To ‘Google Photos’

The Google Operating System blog reports that Google is likely changing the name of their Picasa photo sharing service to “Google Photos”.

A few other features are due to rollout as well, including licensing options, email photo uploads, and tagging of people in pics.

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