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Google Acquires DocVerse, Takes Aim At MS Office

The acquisitive arm of Google reached out again today, and this time, grabbed DocVerse, a company that specializes in the real-time sharing and editing of documents.  The unusual thing is that DocVerse doesn’t deal with just any documents; instead, it focuses on Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint, and Word documents.

Google Makes Apps Script More Widely Available
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Google has launched the Google Apps Script in Google Apps Standard Edition, meaning that it is much more broadly available now. Previously, it was only available in Google Apps Premier and Education editions. It was released back in the summer.

Google Apps Script starts in the spreadsheets of Google Docs. It lets you create sheets to read and change formulas, formats and cell contents, and lets you create custom functions so you can automate repetitive tasks.

Gmail and Picasa Storage Can Be Used for Any File
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Google recently announced that it was launching a new feature for Google Docs, which would allow users to upload and store any kind of file. What may not have been clear, however, is that this new storage from Google isn’t limited to just Google Docs.

The company is saying that Gmail and Picasa storage can also be used. Google Docs Product Marketing Manager Peter Harbison writes:

Google Docs Delves Into File Storage

An announcement related to data storage and the cloud has come out of Mountain View today, and people who’ve never heard the word "GDrive" may be very impressed by it.  It’s possible that consumers who are familiar with the term will be extremely disappointed, however.

Google Makes Online Stores Incredibly Simple
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Update: Google has now introduced a gadget wizard for the Store Gadget. The company says:

Today, we’re excited to introduce a new feature for the store gadget: a wizard that streamlines the store creation process. By automating the manual steps in the original instruction guide, the new store gadget wizard should leave you with even more time to focus on your business.

Report: Google To Snap Up DocVerse

So much for the idea of December being a quiet month.  First we witnessed the acquisition of AppJet, and now, a new report’s indicated that Google’s more or less sure to buy a company called DocVerse.

The two deals are taking place in the same space, since, like AppJet, DocVerse is focused on allowing people to collaborate on documents in real-time.  The trick is that, while AppJet has its own software (EtherPad), DocVerse would provide Google more of a link to existing Microsoft products.

Google Adds Relevance Option to Docs Search

In Google Docs, there is a new sort-by-relevance feature for search results. When you search in Google Docs, your results will be organized by relevance, rather than "last modified date", which has been the way of the past. There is a menu on the right side of the toolbar that lets you decide how you want your results sorted.

Google Exec: Docs Can Supplant Office In One Year
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Dave Girouard, the president of Google’s enterprise division, made an interesting admission earlier today, acknowledging that Google Docs isn’t right for the average person.  But Girouard also made an interesting prediction, putting Google Docs about a year away from seriously challenging Microsoft Office.

Google Adds Google Docs Previews to Gmail
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It seems like just yesterday we were talking about how email was improving. Google has now added a feature to Gmail that lets you preview the contents of Google Docs documents, spreadsheets, and presentations in your inbox.

Google Docs Gets New and Old Features

Google has made some updates to Google Docs. For one, they have introduced shared folders, which the company has been promising since July, and says is the most requested feature they get for Google Docs. Shared folders let users collaborate on groups of documents more easily.

Google to Start Crawling Google Docs Documents
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Google has quietly announced that Google Docs documents that are published will soon be crawlable. This means if you have published documents as web pages, or used the publish/embed option for a document, and it has been linked to on the web, it can be indexed by Google and other search engines.

Google Introduces New Drawing and Form Features for Docs
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Google has launched some new features for Google Docs. They have made a couple improvements to drawings and added several new features to Forms.

Google Docs Takes On Language Translation
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Language barriers can make communicating the simplest things painful; no one wants to do a sort of hokey pokey just to find the nearest restroom.  However, Google’s attempting to leap way past basic human needs and help with complicated manuscripts by introducing translation technology to Google Docs.

Google Lets You Add Tables in Presentations Now

Google has added the ability to include tables in presentations in Google Docs. The feature has apparently been in high demand, and the company says they really wanted it too.

Users can insert a table into their presentation, then easily add, select, and resize rows and columns, format and align text across the table, and set background colors for cells and borders. Rows will resize themselves to fit content.  Google provides the following example table:

Google Docs Opens Template Gallery To The Public
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At the moment, there are exactly 725 alternatives available in the Google Docs Template Gallery, and that’s a rather large number.  But if you check back at this time next week, there are liable to be a whole lot more, because Google’s now letting everyone submit templates.

@Biz Explains Twitter’s Security Woes

Earlier today some confidential documents from Twitter began floating around the blogosphere. It appears the documents were obtained via a hacked employee Google account from several months ago.

Do you think this hack on Twitter will have any lasting impact? Tell us what you think.

Google Docs Now Supports More File Types
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Google announced today that it has added a couple filetypes to its list of supported ones. The new additions are .xlsx and .docx files.

Recalling his first encounter with Google Docs, Anil Sabharwal on the Google Docs Blog writes:

Google Offers Glimpse of Google Apps Script
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Google announced this week that it has launched a limited test of a new feature, which lets people add customization and automation to Google Apps, starting with spreadsheets in Google Docs. They call this Google Apps Script.

Google Apps Script lets users automate spreadsheet actions, like reading and changing values in cells and ranges, changing formats and formulas, and creating custom functions. It also allows users to send email or create calendar entries outside of spreadsheets.

Google Announces Logo Changes
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No, Google is not changing the Google logo itself, but a number of the company’s products will be presented with slightly different logos, which all reflect one unified look and feel.

Google is in the process of rolling out these changes. So far, you can see the changes at Google Labs, Google Moderator, and Google Code. Look for new logos at Google Maps, Google News, and Google Docs soon.

Google Slows to a Crawl
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Update: Google has addressed the issue on the Official Blog. The company says:

The Google Contacts Without the Gmail
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Google has recently launched a standalone contacts manager, which lets you manage your contacts outside of Gmail. This would be particularly useful for those who don’t use Gmail, but use other Google products that offer sharing capabilities.

If you use Google Docs, Picasa, or Google Calendar for example, you can now update people’s contact information without having to use Gmail. This was not an option before.