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Google has launched the Google Apps Script in Google Apps Standard Edition, meaning that it is much more broadly available now. Previously, it was only available in Google Apps Premier and Education editions. It was released back in the summer.

Google Apps Script starts in the spreadsheets of Google Docs. It lets you create sheets to read and change formulas, formats and cell contents, and lets you create custom functions so you can automate repetitive tasks.

"Google Apps Script provides the ability to automate a variety of tasks such as modifying Spreadsheets, creating Calendar appointments, checking stock prices, sending email, looking up Contacts and much, much more," says Google Apps Product Manager Evin Levey. More details can be found in the video below:

Google Apps Script provides interaction with different Google products and capabilities using JavaScript APIs. It lets you use standard JavaScript, Google's online Web Script Editor, other desktop development tools, and provides for basic collaboration and sharing.

"Users write scripts in JavaScript using libraries designed to provide a powerful interface with Google products," says Google. "If you already are a JavaScript developer, a key difference is that scripts run on Google Servers instead of user browsers. As a result, direct operations on the client-side DOM are not supported, although some restricted functionality is provided. Your code executes server-side, and operates on the Google products you've coded for."

Execution and hosting of scripts takes place on the Google cloud, and basic support for event handling can run when users are offline.

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