Mobile Editing In Google Docs Expands To Cover 45 Languages


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When Google introduced mobile editing in Google Docs last year, many people applauded.  Lots of people probably didn't, though, considering the advance was English-only and left out folks all over the world.  Now Google's addressing that issue with the ability to edit documents in 44 more languages.

Of course, to be honest, this may not yet affect many individuals.  Google Docs has had enough trouble catching on with English-speaking Americans, never mind people who aren't in the company's home market.

That could be kind of the point, though, as the development should encourage more potential users to give Google Docs a try.

So a post on the Google Docs Blog provided a picture of the new tech in action, as you can see below.

The post also explained to the uninitiated, "To begin editing, visit in your mobile browser, and select a document to edit.  Switch from view to edit mode by pressing 'Edit' to turn on the mobile editor and start typing away.  As a reminder, mobile editing is available on Android (2.2+) and iOS (version 3.0+) devices."

If you've got any ideas about what Google should do next in this field, the company's welcoming feedback in the comments section and on the Google+Docs">Google Docs Help Forum.