Google Docs Delves Into Mobile Editing


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Perhaps 99 percent of the time, a person's cell phone is within five feet of him (or her).  Desktops and even laptops are often much more remote.  So businesspeople, students, and writers may owe Google a "thank you" as the company's taken steps to ensure Google Docs users can edit their documents when all that's handy is a smartphone or iPad.

Ever have a great idea when you're in bed?  It's quite a hassle to get up, turn on a light, trudge into another room, and boot up a computer just to type out a few sentences you're afraid you'll forget before morning.  Or worse yet, correct a single typo you remembered.

Google Docs users will soon have it much easier.  A post on the Official Google Mobile Blog just suggested, "[V]isit in a browser on a supported device, and select the document you want to edit.  Then, when you're viewing it, press the Edit button to switch to the mobile editor."

From there, editing options should be pretty extensive.  Using Android, it'll even be possible to add text via the software's speech-to-text capabilities, and the video below covers lots of other ideas.

Anyone who wants to put this to the test can look for the new documents editor to roll out over the next few days.  Just consider not taking advantage of the mobile editing options too much, since enough pedestrians manage to collide with poles, people, and vehicles when writing simple text messages, never mind composing reports or a novel.