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CoD: Ghosts Will Run at 720p on XB1 While PS4 Runs 1080p

Call of Duty has done it again, at least in terms of causing controversy. Unlike previous controversies of the next-generation consoles, one of which involved Microsoft’s crazy DRM policies and the feud with the retail/resale market while another cited NSA-like data collection associated with the Kinect device, this one involves the release resolution for Call of Duty: Ghosts. The bad …

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Man Attempts To Bust Ghosts, Stumbles Upon Wife Having Sex With Stepson

Being a ghostbuster isn’t easy. You may stumble upon some rather scary things, including your son having sex with your wife. The Mercury reports that a 28-year-old woman recently pled guilty to five counts of sexual intercourse with a minor. What makes this particular case a bit weirder isn’t the fact that the minor was her stepson, but rather, how …

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Ke$ha Goes On Spirit Quest, Has Sex With Ghosts

Ke$ha is the girl who was probably voted “most unique” in her high school superlatives because she was so “weird” and “edgy”. In pop music, those things translate into musical gold when done right, and after talking about her new album recently, it seems she’s gathered up all her weirdness and thrown it into one big pot. ‚ÄúThere are so …

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