Jessica Chastain Believes In Ghosts


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Jessica Chastain has been making headlines for her unique look on the cover of W Magazine, but she's making the rounds promoting Crimson Peak, the new ghost movie from Guillermo del Toro, which opens this Friday, and appeared on The Today Show.

Chastain discussed the film and her role in it with Matt Lauer, mentioning that she's a big fan of gothic romances and enjoyed Interview with a Vampire in particular.

Lauer shifted the conversation by asking if she believes in ghosts, to which she replied, "Yep."

Prodded about if she meant the "floating figure ghosts" or just the "misplaced spirits ghosts," Chastain replied that, "It's more fun to believe in ghosts than to not believe in ghosts. So yes, I believe in ghosts. Sometimes the lights will turn on and off if I'm in London or something, and I always say, 'Hey, okay, great, you're here. I recognize you. I'm super tired. Please let me sleep.'"

She went on to admit that it could be an electrical thing, adding that it's more fun to believe someone is trying to communicate with her.

Lauer said he saw a rocking chair move once.

In Crimson Peak, Jessica Chastain plays Lucille Sharp, whose brother moves his new wife into the family's home.