Man Attempts To Bust Ghosts, Stumbles Upon Wife Having Sex With Stepson


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Being a ghostbuster isn't easy. You may stumble upon some rather scary things, including your son having sex with your wife.

The Mercury reports that a 28-year-old woman recently pled guilty to five counts of sexual intercourse with a minor. What makes this particular case a bit weirder isn't the fact that the minor was her stepson, but rather, how they were caught.

It all started when the father set up a camera in the house hoping to find evidence of ghosts. He forgot to turn off the camera when he left for work and came back to a surprise. On the tape was footage of his wife having sex with her stepson.

In the following days, she confessed to police that she had sex with her stepson twice. She also said that she knew he was 16-years-old. She tried to play off the latter by saying that she thought the age of consent was 16.

Even after being separated from the boy, the prosecution stated that she had traveled to a remote hotel room to engage in more sexual activities with her stepson.

Obviously, the events put quite the damper on the relationship between the woman and her husband. She is now working to repair their relationship.

She will be sentenced on Monday.