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Company of Heroes 2 Gameplay Trailer Released

Company of Heroes fans have been waiting a long time for a look at Company of Heroes 2, and THQ knows it. The publisher earlier this week even saw fit to gratuitously tease gamers with a teaser trailer for the upcoming trailer. Today, though, the wait is over. THQ and Relic Entertainment have finally released a gameplay trailer for Company …

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New Dishonored Gameplay Trailer Shows Off “Creative Kills”

The launch of Dishonored is only 2 months away and Bethesda still has a few secrets to reveal about the title. A few weeks ago, the company released a trailer showing the various ways players can make their escape after a mission. Today, Bethesda has unveiled a sequel to that gameplay trailer that shows off just how flexible the game’s …

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Two Ways to Play Dishonored: Stealthy or Psycho [Video]

In the weeks following E3, the news surrounding video games has been mostly bad. It seems that the only news that isn’t a game delay is a company shutting down international offices. Over at Bethesda, though, developers are enjoying business as usual and continuing to pump out great content such as the Dawnguard DLC for Skyrim. Today, Bethesda has released …

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TellTale Releases Official ‘Walking Dead’ Trailer

A couple of days ago we showed you the new Playstation Network release if The Walking Dead video game series. The first game in the series was released yesterday, along with a game trailer viewable on PSN and Youtube. No one told TellTale games the order of these things. It goes promo stills, trailer, release; not release the game, then …

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Borderlands 2 Developer Reveals Gameplay Goodies

Borderlands 2 is going to be the hot release this year for a lot of gamers. Last month, 2K games released the debut launch trailer, showing the four new characters and some of the gameplay, but we want to know more. Gearbox Softaware’s Anthony Burch gives us the goods in an interview with El33tonline. Burch gives us a lot more …

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Guild Wars 2: The Developers Love It, Will You? [Video]

When looking at the title of the video, your reaction might be – well, duh. What else would the developers of Guild Wars 2 say about the game they’ve created? When you start to watch the video, it becomes obvious these people are more than just excited about their product. They really do seem to be in love with it. …

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