TellTale Releases Official 'Walking Dead' Trailer

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A couple of days ago we showed you the new Playstation Network release if The Walking Dead video game series. The first game in the series was released yesterday, along with a game trailer viewable on PSN and Youtube. No one told TellTale games the order of these things. It goes promo stills, trailer, release; not release the game, then the trailer.

Judging from the publicity stills released a few days ago, you couldn't really tell that it was cell shaded. This trailer clears that up pretty well. I like that aspect for this game. Underscoring the fact that it is based on the comic and not the TV series by giving it a comic book feel.

The story looks interesting, but the character movements, in some cases, appear to be a bit jerky and cartoonish. I think you can definitely tell it is not a major release. But what do you expect for five dollars?

Russian website somehow got their hands on the game about a month ago, releasing this 13 minute video demonstrating the beginning of the story and the style of gameplay.

The game is still not available on the TellTale website, stating only that you can only pre-order the game for now. However, it is available on Playstation Network and Steam. TellTales official forum states that there are internal server issues preventing the timely release. People who have pre-ordered through TellTale have supposedly been given a Steam key via e-mail to download it from them.

TellTale plans to release an Apple iOS version later this summer.

So far, all the reviews I've read have been favorable. IGN has given it an 8.5 and is listed as an "Editor's Choice" game. I look forward to playing it on the PSN, for $20 for the whole series, it looks like a steal.

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