Company of Heroes 2 Gameplay Trailer Released


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Company of Heroes fans have been waiting a long time for a look at Company of Heroes 2, and THQ knows it. The publisher earlier this week even saw fit to gratuitously tease gamers with a teaser trailer for the upcoming trailer.

Today, though, the wait is over. THQ and Relic Entertainment have finally released a gameplay trailer for Company of Heroes 2. The trailer leans heavily on the fact that players will take control of the Soviet Union as they battle off the Nazi invasion and (spoiler alert) drive them back to Berlin. The video also tries hard to emphasize just how brutal the Eastern front of World War II really was, though it contains little blood.

The real-time strategy game doesn't even have a solid release date other than "March 2013," but the title is already available for pre-order through Steam, THQ's webstore, or EA's Origin. Pre-orderers will, however, get beta access to the game (and some vehicle skins), which is a nice perk for fans. Pre-orderers who opt for the collector's edition will get a wide assortment of in-game items, including access to future "Theater of War" content packs, access to member-only events, access to new monthly multiplayer maps, and a copy of the original Company of Heroes and its expansions.