Two Ways to Play Dishonored: Stealthy or Psycho [Video]

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In the weeks following E3, the news surrounding video games has been mostly bad. It seems that the only news that isn't a game delay is a company shutting down international offices. Over at Bethesda, though, developers are enjoying business as usual and continuing to pump out great content such as the Dawnguard DLC for Skyrim.

Today, Bethesda has released even more gameplay footage from their upcoming steampunk assassination simulator, Dishonored. Around a month ago a gameplay trailer was released to show off the different supernatural powers that players would be in control of. The videos below expand on this footage, showing multiple ways for players to solve in-game problems and hunt their targets.

The first video demonstrates the silent, stealthy approach where a player can accomplish his or her mission by eavesdropping, sticking to the shadows near the ceiling, and choking out henchmen. The second video shows how players can get things done more quickly by simply killing everything in sight. Powers such as a supernatural backhand sends guards flying, while others are eaten alive by a summoned hoard of diseased rats. The narrators of the videos, Co-Creative Directors Raphael Colantonio and Harvey Smith, warn, though, that quicker isn't always better. Killing more innocent people will affect the "story beats" in the game, as well as the ending. Check out the videos below to see all of the action, but beware that they contain spoilers for what I am guessing is the first mission of the game, as well as some very bloody violence:

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