New Dishonored Gameplay Trailer Shows Off "Creative Kills"


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The launch of Dishonored is only 2 months away and Bethesda still has a few secrets to reveal about the title. A few weeks ago, the company released a trailer showing the various ways players can make their escape after a mission. Today, Bethesda has unveiled a sequel to that gameplay trailer that shows off just how flexible the game's combat system is and a few of the creative ways it can be used to accomplish missions. In other words, there are plenty of ways for a magic-using assassin to put down a mark.

The video features three specific ways to take down enemies: "death by rat", "friendly fire", and "reversal of fortune." "Death by rat" involves summoning a hoard of the diseased mammals, and perhaps taking possession of one to use it as a trap. "Friendly fire" involves slowing time to a standstill and possessing a enemies, moving them into the path of their own bullets. "Reversal of fortune" involves using enemies' own traps and gadgets against them.

Take a look below at a few of the examples of creative power combinations that Bethesda has provided. Keep in mind, though, that Dishonored is a Mature rated game, and the trailer reflects the gore and violence of that game.