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‘Portal’ Fan Film Depicts the End of Humans at Aperture Laboratories
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It’s easy to see why the Portal games have such a devoted fanbase. The games feature no combat to speak of, and (in addition to wonderfully-written non-human characters) the mind-bending nature of the games’ puzzles speak directly to what gaming …

Final Fantasy VII Gets The Fan Film Treatment
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To many fans, Final Fantasy VII remains the greatest game in the RPG franchise. To some, it may even be the greatest game ever made. That may be because the game still holds up incredibly well to this day. The …

PAC-MAN Fan Film Deserves to Become a Full Length Feature
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The video starts out with a sexy reporter covering a series of unexplained power outages that continue throughout the state of Nevada. She moves on to say that the source of the outages is believed to be the Maze Compound, …