PAC-MAN Fan Film Deserves to Become a Full Length Feature


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The video starts out with a sexy reporter covering a series of unexplained power outages that continue throughout the state of Nevada. She moves on to say that the source of the outages is believed to be the Maze Compound, which lies 600 feet below the desert's surface.

The secrecy surrounding the purpose of the facility has led many people to speculate about the research that is going on within its confines. Especially Project Yellow Sphere.

The news shows documents that suggest the compound has been developing remote controlled weapons technology in connection to artificial intelligence.

The camera then pans to the Maze Compound where scientists and military officials are experimenting in Tron-like environments with PAC-MAN at its center.

One of the most interesting points in the video is the spin on PAC-Man's purpose. It is revealed that the organism is a "polymorphic, autonomous, compound manipulator programmed to seek out, catch, and consume e-hazards … like oils spills and reactive leaks."

This revelation definitely opens the flood gates for PAC-MAN to be come an eco-friendly super hero and protector of the earth.

I would love to see a full-length movie script birthed from this scene. It could definitely become a summer blockbuster.

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The short film was written by James Farr.