'Portal' Fan Film Depicts the End of Humans at Aperture Laboratories


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It's easy to see why the Portal games have such a devoted fanbase. The games feature no combat to speak of, and (in addition to wonderfully-written non-human characters) the mind-bending nature of the games' puzzles speak directly to what gaming is at a basic level: progressing through increasingly difficult levels on the way to a memorable ending.

So, Portal fans are fairly obsessive over the franchise, etching music into stainless steel, creating mash-ups, and filming several fan films, most depicting what it would really be like to have a portal gun. This week, yet another fan tribute to the series has appeared on YouTube.

Titled Portal: Survive!, the short film starts off with a depiction of Chell, the player character in the Portal games. It then moves into a bit of backstory, depicting the final moments of the (human) scientists working at Aperature Laboratories. The events and references seen in the video are taken from the story gleaned from the Portal games, as well as the web comic Portal 2: Lab Rat.

According to the its YouTube description, the movie was created by Colin and Connor McGuire for less than $500. It was filmed at YouTube Space LA, a production house in Los Angeles that helps YouTubers create original content for the site.