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Yahoo Sheds Another Executive

This time a change in the corner office ranks at Yahoo comes from Europe, where their managing director of search will bolt in favor of becoming a consultant.

GM Launches Social Media Newsroom in Europe
When you think of General Motors and social media, you tend to think of the FastLane Blog and GM vice chairman and corporate blogger-in-chief, Bob Lutz.

Yahoo Eats Up Attention From The Onion

It could be an act of misdirection – “here, watch the funny man while we fire you one by one!” – but things nonetheless took a lighthearted turn at Yahoo when Peter Koechley, Managing Editor of The Onion, came to visit.

Europe Still Looking For An Answer To Google

While America’s busy celebrating Labor Day (mmm, ribs), Europe will be hard at work farming a Google competitor.

Google, BMW Enhance European Nav Systems

Europeans (and to some extent, the Japanese) get all the coolest car stuff.  The latest example of this involves a deal between BMW and Google; German BMW owners will benefit from a new in-car Google Local Search service, and a sort of precursor feature (previously available just in Germany) has now spread throughout Europe.

Property Search Site Gets Bigger, Better

In the market for an Irish castle?  Or perhaps a Spanish villa?  Properazzi wants to help, and as the site has just declared itself the world’s largest property search engine, it’s likely in a good position to do so.

Yahoo Creates Canarope

Never mind that, at their closest tips, Canada and Europe are over 1,500 miles apart; in Yahoo’s mind, they’re pretty much one and the same.

Google LatLong Looks at New York, Europe

It’s Friday, and odds are that you wish it was Saturday.  Or that you weren’t at work – it usually amounts to the same thing.  And although the powers of time travel and transportation are beyond me, there are some Google-approved maps that focus on faraway places.

Accoona Heads To Wall Street, Plans IPO
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The Accoona search engine first launched in 2004 with a proprietary artificial intelligence technology backing its query engine.

Baidu’s Net Profit Up 140%

Business is booming for Baidu – the Chinese search engine has reported its second-quarter revenue and net profit, and both figures have doubled (and then some) since last year.  Unlike Google’s earnings, this beats analysts’ forecasts; Baidu’s stock price shot up as a result.

Europe’s Challenge to Google’s Dominance

It seems the European Union is all too quick to question Google’s dominance and probe its acquisitions, but is there a huge conflict of interest to consider?

Firefox Kicking Microsoft Tail In Europe

Though Firefox usage has reached only 18 percent of the US market (quite the rise, actually), the browser is gaining much more ground in Europe, and the latest version is outpacing Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 7.

European Online Advertising May Double By 2012

We all knew that online ad spending would rise, but according to a new report from Forrester Research, European budgets for this sort of advertising will double over the next five years.

Google To Engage More Lawyers In Europe

I’ve often wondered about the members of Google’s legal team.  How many are there?  What sort of people are they?  And do they work 168 hours per week to keep up with the avalanche of lawsuits?   I still don’t know the answers to all those questions, but in regards to the first one, a new report indicates that many more specialists will soon join up.

Google Seen As Perfect Employer In Europe

Well, it’s (more or less) official: should Google ever decide to take over the world, most of us will be willing to aid it.  The results of a new study confirm that, in certain European circles, the search engine giant is regarded as an ideal employer.

YouTube Phone To Arrive In Europe

LG’s recent Google phone (the KU580) received a small amount of buzz – perhaps proportional to the area in which it was launched.  Now there’s word that a YouTube phone is on the way, yet it may be a while before the device reaches American shores.

LG Google Phone Will Soon Land In Europe

A Google phone will soon arrive.  Unfortunately for many WebProNews readers, it will not (yet) arrive in America.  And unfortunately for everybody, it doesn’t incorporate any breakthrough features or technology.

French Channel May Join YouTube Europe

I think pretty much everyone is aware of Britain’s BBC, but France Televisions, a public national television broadcaster, may not be as well-known in America.  Now France Televisions is in talks to join the European version of YouTube, though, so perhaps its profile will rise.

Baidu Backs Out Of Expansion Plans?

Rumor had it that Baidu would expand into Europe.  Now the Chinese search engine company has announced that it will not, and this reversal has caught more than a few people by surprise.

Lowered Expectations As Baidu Enters Europe

Just a few days ago, Baidu announced its intentions to expand into Europe.  Now its stock price is up, and its reputation is going down; things could be worse, but this isn’t exactly an ideal state of being for the Chinese search engine.

Google Street View May Hit Dead End In Europe
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Google’s Street View has met with mixed reactions; some people like it, while others worry about matters of privacy.  Still, while Street View is completely legal in the U.S., a recent discussion indicates that the service might not go unchallenged in Europe.

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