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The Social Networking Landscape in India and Europe
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comScore released a couple of interesting reports today. The first involves the social networking landscape in Europe. According to comScore, France in particular had a big year when it comes to social networking, growing by 45% with Facebook as the leading network.

Mobile Internet Growth Driven By Social Networking
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Social networking is attracting new users to the mobile Web in Europe. In November, 34 percent of mobile phone owners in Western Europe who visited social networking sites accessed social media exclusive of all other mobile Web content, according to comScore.

With 12.1 million users in Western Europe (France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the U.K.), mobile social networking is a rapidly expanding category that grew 152 percent from November 2007 to November 2008.

Microsoft Creating Still More Search Centers
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We think Microsoft might just be rubbing it in at this point.  Even as Yahoo’s stock plunges and major layoffs are rumored to be on the way, Steve Ballmer has announced that his company is opening research centers in London, Munich, and Paris.

Microsoft Says Ciao to Online Shopping Search
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Microsoft is looking to boost its online shopping search market share. The company has announced an acquisition of Greenfield Online, owners of popular shopping search site Ciao.com.

This is the largest purchase Microsoft has made in a while. The company appears to be playing around with the money it had left from the Yahoo deal falling through. They dropped 486 million big ones on this one.

Google Keeping Street View Reined In Europe

Google’s camera cars may be prowling the streets of London now, prompting criticism from privacy advocates and a defensive response from the search advertising company.

MSFT Announces European Search Center Plans

Never mind advertising, upgrades, or even additional user bribes – when it comes to Live Search’s market share in Europe, Microsoft is going to pull out at least some of the stops and open a new search technology center.

Google Cities In 3D Waves To Europe
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Google Cities in 3D hasn’t been a strictly American affair; models of cities in Ireland and Japan, among other places, have shown up.  Google’s encouraging greater participation on the part of the UK, the Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Spain, and France, however, with the launch of some localized websites.

Report: Europe’s Online Ad Market Growing Fast

It’s mildly amazing to see another report about 2007 trickle in.  The contents of the report are interesting, too, as Europe’s online advertising market apparently expanded by about 4 billion since the year before.

Online Television Draws Large Audiences In Europe
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When it comes to online television, American companies and programs are what we tend to discuss.  Research shows that online television is extremely popular in Europe, however, and so Europeans could drive the next wave of advertising trends.

Google Almost At 80 Percent In Europe
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Europe’s full of different countries, and all that impressive European Union stuff aside, it’s hard to believe they’ve got much in common.  Yet judging from new comScore statistics, it seems as if Google is the sort of thing that’ll generate smiles, or at least recognition, everywhere.

250 Million Europeans Are Online
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More than half of Europeans are now regular Internet users, 80 percent of them have broadband connections and 60 percent of public services are online according to a new report from the European Commission.

In 2007, the Internet attracted close to 40 million new regular users in the EU (now 250 million in total). More than 96 percent of European schools are now connected to the Internet, two thirds of which have broadband.

Yahoo Europe’s Headquarters Moving To Switzerland
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Wikipedia claims that all of Switzerland has about the same population as the Greater London area.  And some Yahoo employees should soon be able to check up on that comparison, as the company is moving its European headquarters southeast.

EuroBlog 2008

I’m participating in EuroBlog 2008, a two-day conference that mashes up academia and PR to produce an event that I’m sure will be worth the time of everyone attending, speakers and guests alike.

Yahoo Ditching London For Switzerland
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The European headquarters for Yahoo’s operations will be boxing up all of their purple goodies and shifting offices out of the UK.

Firefox Usage Hits 28 Percent In Europe

What, if anything, do you associate with Finland?  How about Slovenia and Poland?  Well, not to shut down whatever cultural research you were going to do, but we’d like to suggest "Firefox" as an answer; new research shows that the browser does especially well in these three countries.

Ask Hires Former Google Exec For Europe

It’s not as if Eric Schmidt switched sides; Cesar Mascaraque was hardly a central figure.  Still, we have to applaud Ask for snatching up the former Googler, and think Mascaraque’s experience will serve his new company well.

LeWeb Conference Stresses Europe’s Importance
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Major tech conferences tend to include at least one stop in California.  The two-day LeWeb event is being held outside Paris, France, though, as it’s all about Europe.

More AOL Layoffs On The Way
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This coming Tuesday and Wednesday will not be remotely jolly for some AOL employees; according to various reports, another round of layoffs is in the making.

PubCon – European Site Optimization

This session is a round up of current international optimization and promotion issues. Panelists will address multi-language issues, Euro PPC/SEO, and how to crack the Southeast Asian riddle.

Over Half Of Europeans Online

In Europe 54 percent of households had access to the Internet in the first quarter of 2007, up from 49 percent in the first quarter of 2006, and 42 percent had a broadband connection, compared with 30 percent in 2006, according to statistical agency Eurostat.

Troubled Yahoo Europe Hires New Marketing VP
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Orange is a huge communications corporation.  Research In Motion is a top wireless device company.  And now Kristof Fahy has moved on from those places of business to Yahoo Europe, where he’ll serve as vice president of marketing.