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E-Commerce Patent Blackmail – You May Be Next!

To date, the only real impediment to doing business online has been the safety of the consumer’s financial data. In March of 2002, this all changed.

Enter the U.S. Trademark and Patents Office. Over the last few years, the USTPO has shown extreme ignorance of new Internet technologies. The USPTO has approved some of the most ludicrous patents to be presented to them.

In 1997, AltaVista was granted a number of patents on search engine technologies, even though search engine technology had been in use as early as 1989.

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Overcoming International Barriers related to e-Commerce

One of the great things about the internet is that with a credit card merchant account you can sell your product or service anywhere around the world with much ease.

To maximize the global reach of your products and services, it is vital to provide international customers with web pages localized in their native language, and customized to their cultural surroundings, and customs.

Simply translating your web site, into various languages is a very important first step, but it is not enough. When doing business internationally, besides language, you have to pay close attention to measurement units, currencies, and time and dates.

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Conversations with the Next Generation: eCommerce that Works

Today’s issue combines two interviews: one with an ecommerce veteran and the other with an ecommerce star-rookie. Both have unique ecommerce strategies, and reading about their methods for success will help your bottom line.

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eCommerce That Works: Part B

Please describe the most significant hurdle you’ve leapt so far, and explain why it was significant to your business.

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Ten Tips for Building an E-commerce Web Site

Want to sell your goods directly from your site? Here’s 10 tips:

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Reasons for Success in International E-Commerce

The Power of Illusion
E-commerce is flourishing most impressively in English-speaking countries, but a tremendous market is being missed for marketers outside of these countries, as people there are going online fast, especially in Europe. My intent is to encourage the reader to look outside English-speaking countries for online international sales.

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E-commerce On The Rise

Although last year’s global recession hurt many sectors of the business world, e-commerce was an area that that ended really well. Buyers around the world spent more than $600 billion dollars last year. This figure was a huge 68 percent increase from the previous year (2000). [International Data Corp (IDC)].

US Online Retail Sales
Historically, the fourth quarter of every year has largest number of online sales. This is usually due to the holiday season. Although, the September 11th attack initially affected online sales, the fourth quarter of last year came back stronger than ever. Here is a breakdown of online sales as estimated by the Department of Commerce for the last two years:

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