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Google Releases New Version Of The Doubleclick For Publishers API Google Releases New Version Of The Doubleclick For Publishers API
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It’s been a week since a new API release, and I was just starting to get bored without having any new announcements. Google is the cure to my boredom with the release of version 201204 of the Doubleclick for Publishers …

Google On Managing Mobile Search Campaigns Google On Managing Mobile Search Campaigns

Google posted what it considers to be best practices for managing mobile campaigns, and some specific instructions for using DoubleClick Search to do so, on its DoubleClick Advertiser blog. Google says to create separate campaigns for each platform you’re targeting, …

Google Explains DFA API Site Management Google Explains DFA API Site Management

The fine folks at Google have found people struggling with site management when it comes to DFA. To combat the confusion, they have created a handy tutorial that should help out. On the Google Ads Developer Blog, the team lays …

Google DFP API Gets New Features Google DFP API Gets New Features

Google’s DoubleClick for Publishers offers small businesses “a free hosted ad serving solution” that helps them manage their “growing online advertising business.” The DFP API

Google: Ad Exchange RTB Protocol Changes Coming Soon Google: Ad Exchange RTB Protocol Changes Coming Soon

Double Click ad exchange is a useful tool in the world of online advertising. It’s a fast way for agencies to buy and sell ads on the numerous sites that Google advertises on. There are some important changes coming April …

Google Brings AdMob and DoubleClick Ad Exchange Together Google Brings AdMob and DoubleClick Ad Exchange Together
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Google announced that in the coming weeks, AdMob developers will be able to make their in-app inventory available on Google’s DoubleClick Ad Exchange. Google is only letting a small number of pre-qualified buyers compete for the inventory at first, but …

Google Celebrates DoubleClick Anniversary, Success

Sometimes, acquisitions don’t work out.  Sometimes, they do.  And the DoubleClick acquisition is definitely an example of the second scenario, as Google shared some numbers this afternoon that paint a picture of remarkable growth. Today marks the third anniversary of …

Google Announces New Features for Doublclick Ad Exchange

Google announced that it will roll out some new tools for DoubleClick Ad Exchange buyers. These features, the company says, will help buyers buy quality inventory and check their campaigns.

The DoubleClick Ad Exchange was launched in September as a real-time marketplace where online publishers and ad networks/agencies can buy and sell ad space for prices set in a real-time auction.

Google Adds Mobile Features to DoubleClick for Advertisers
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Google has introduced some mobile ad serving features in DoubleClick for Advertisers (DFA), which lets advertisers and agencies traffic mobile ad campaigns alongside the rest of their online advertising campaigns.

Google Lets Brand Advertisers Target Top Sites

Google has announced a new filter for advertisers running brand campaigns, to allow their ads to only show on AdSense sites ranked among the top 1,000 largest on the web, as defined by the DoubleClick Ad Planner. Google says this will ensure ads reach a large number of users, but only on well-known sites "best suited for branding goals."

Google’s DoubleClick Gets a New Look
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Google has announced a new release of DoubleClick for publishers, available in two versions (for large and small publishers). Along with the new release, Google has given the DoubleClick logo a makeover.

Google Upgrades Ad-Serving Product for Publishers
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Google has just announced a new DoubleClick for Publishers, a service it refers to as "the next generation of ad serving technology for publishers."

Google Unleashes DoubleClick Ad Exchange

Google has announced the DoubleClick Ad Exchange, which it refers to as a real-time marketplace for helping online publishers and ad networks/agencies buy and sell display ad space. Prices in the marketplace are set in a real-time auction.

Google says it has three principles for its approach to display advertising:

Google Analyzes Rich Media Ad Effectiveness
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Google’s DoubleClick is presenting findings from a new study it commissioned with Dynamic Logic,  this afternoon at the ARF Conference. The study, titled, "The Brand Value of Rich Media and Video Ads (pdf)," analyzes image (gif/jpg), simple Flash, and rich media (with and without video) ad formats.

Google Launches DoubleClick Studio
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Desperate times apparently call for colorful, interactive measures.  Even as we remain stuck in the recession – Chrysler declared bankruptcy today, if you didn’t hear – Google unveiled DoubleClick Studio, a tool that promises to help users develop and produce rich media ads.

Google Clarifies AdSense Misconceptions

Google has begun serving AdSense Ads via DoubleClick URLs instead of the pageads.googlesyndication.com URLs that users have grown accustomed to. Arlene Lee of the Inside AdSense Team explains:

Is Yahoo Looking to Offer SEO Services?
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A patent application filed by Yahoo is causing a bit of a stir within the SEO community. The patent is for an "Automated System to Improve Search Engine Optimization on Web Pages." The abstract for the patent reads as follows:

Google Makes Improvements to Ad Manager
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If you are not familiar with Google Ad Manager, it is a tool that lets web publishers organize their ad booking. It lets you use data from past campaigns to estimate how many impressions you need to sell to make your goals.

Google Announces New Content Network Features
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A conversion might, if an advertiser is lucky, take place after a consumer sees a single ad.  Several viewings are slightly more likely to result in a positive outcome.  But there’s little to be gained the 48th time around, and in a nod to this reality, Google’s introducing some new features on its content network.

DoubleClick Cleared For Silverlight Landing
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All that rivalry between Google and Microsoft is just business, of course, and so is the arrangement for DoubleClick to provide video ads across Microsoft’s Silverlight 2 video player.

DoubleClick’s partnership with NBC Universal probably made for a nice wedge, though.

Ads will be served alongside 2,500 hours of NBC’s Olympic coverage played within Silverlight 2, served up by DoubleClick’s In-Stream technology. In-Stream adds Silverlight 2 to already-supported formats like Flash, Real Player, and Windows Media

DoubleClick Hopes New Ad Platform Is DoubleQuick

Google and subsidiary DoubleClick believe the ad-buying process is too complicated and slow. As such, DoubleClick announced this morning a new electronic proposal exchange platform for its publisher and agency customers.