DoubleClick Search Gets Labeling For Campaigns, Ad Groups And Ads

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Google announced today that it has added the ability to apply labels to campaigns, ad groups and ads, in addition to keywords, in DoubleClick Search.

"You’re no longer restricted by these object’s locations; you can apply labels to any campaigns, ad groups, ads, and keywords within an advertiser," the company says in a blog post. "Also, as with labels applied to keywords, you can add multiple labels to one object for even more reporting flexibility."

Labels are created the same way, by going to "Create Labels," and once you've created them, apply them applicably by finding the page that contains the campaigns, ad groups, ads or keywords you want to add. In the reporting table, select the check boxes next to what you want the label to be applied to, and in the toolbar, click "Labels". Select the label you want to apply, and click "Apply".

You can find a summary of reporting stats for labels, as well as stat breakdowns for all objects in the label by object type. You can also filter by labels.

"Labels support multi-level inheritance," Google notes. "For example, when you apply a label to a campaign, DS will also apply the label to the ad groups in the campaign, as well as to the keywords and ads in the ad groups. DS will also automatically add new keywords, ads, and ad groups in the campaign to the label, and they will appear in all reports and filters that use the label."

You can see only the labels you've applied to objects from the existing Labels column, but there is a new All Labels column as well.

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