DoubleClick For Advertisers Gets An Updated API

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Since the DoubleClick for Publishers API was recently updated last week, it was only a matter of time before its close relative - DoubleClick for Advertisers - got an update as well. That time is now as Google has released version 1.18 of the DFA API.

The new version contains multiple updates, additions and enhancements. The biggest change being the addition of support for managing In-Stream video creatives via the API. The other updates include small changes to the error messages and trimming of the proverbial fat here and there.

As mentioned above, the big change is that you can now create and manage In-Stream video creatives through the API. Google has taken the initiative to add several new classes to the creative service. To see some examples of all the new classes, check out the updated client libraries.

The second major change is that Google is now putting a cap on page sizes. From now, get operations will only be able to return 1,000 objects in a single page. With today's release, the limit is being applied to getPlacementByCriteria. Starting June 2, however, the limit will start to apply to getSpotlightActivities, getCreativeFields, getCreativeFieldValues, getChangeLogRecords, getUsersByCriteria, getAds and getContacts. All of these operations will have a default page size of 1,000 if you don't provide a page size.

Other changes include the inability to change the name of a default ad, saving a CreativeField without an advertiserId value will now return a more descriptive error message, and the description field was removed from the ContentCategory object.

All these changes and more can be viewed in the release notes for this latest update. The update added a bevy of new objects so you'll also want to check those out.

Unfortunately, like with any update, older versions are being led out back to never be seen again. Version 1.16 of the DFA API is now deprecated, but will still have support until June 2. At that point, it will be laid to rest. Version 1.17 isn't getting off the hook either as it will deprecated in August and sent packing in early September.