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Groupon Names New International SVP

Groupon has named a new senior vice president of International. Veit Dengler, Australian native and former executive at Proctor & Gamble and McKinsey, will fill the shoes. Dengler is a Harvard graduate and also spent time at Dell where he served as head of Russian and Eastern European operations. Dengler comments on his new role at Groupon: “Groupon is changing …

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LivingSocial Drops A Cleveland Steamer For Only $69

I’m a 20-something male, so sometimes things that are said in a completely innocuous manner and setting can still make me chuckle like a fifth-grader. I’ll be the first to admit that my mind usually does a faceplant right in the gutter whenever I hear something even remotely unsavory. But really, this can’t just be me. Today’s LivingSocial deal on …

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91% Remain Loyal To Business After Daily Deal [STUDY]

Daily deals are not the best initiative for every small business. Since the rise in popularity of services like Groupon and LivingSocial, we’ve heard various stories from businesses slamming the model. Some small businesses have reported bad experiences running a daily deal – with some complaining about how it fails to turn a profit and others complaining that the daily …

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Groupon Thailand Launches As The Company’s 48th Country

Daily Deals powerhouse Groupon has just announced another expansion, as they are launching their service in Thailand. According to the company, the new office will be located in the heart of Bangkok. Thailand will be the 47th country outside the United States where Groupon has launched their service. “We are very excited to expand the benefits of Groupon to customers …

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Skyrim Arrow In The Knee Shirt Brings Back Dead Horse Meme

I used to think this joke was funny. Then, like most denizens of the interwebs, I saw it everywhere and it lost any semblance of humor. Then, I saw this shirt – and I’m pretty sure that I want it. Skyrim players will immediately recognize the joke contained in today’s deal of the day at woot.com’s spin-off site for daily …

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CES 2012: PriceGrabber Launches DealGrabber To Find Local Deals

Daily deal programs like Groupon, LivingSocial, and the like have been gaining significantly in popularity recently. These sorts of services offer amazing deals on a wide variety of products and services. Navigating and sorting through all the deals that these sorts of programs offer is not always easy, though. Whether its an inbox full of emails, each with different deals, …

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Facebook Daily Deals Marketplaces Incorporates Google Maps To Find Local Deals

The Daily Deals Agency announced today that they’ve launched a pretty handy tool on Facebook that allows you to search for local deals via interactive Google maps. It’s a handy integration of Facebook’s network of businesses with Google’s expansive and detailed Maps app. From the press release: Existing entirely within the Facebook ecosystem, the Company’s unique marketplace pages provide access …

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