Google Offers App For Android Brings Deals On The Go

Josh WolfordIT Management

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Google has just unveiled their new Google Offers mobile app for Android devices, making their burgeoning daily deals service accessible on the go.

The new Offers app has a few key features, most importantly the ability to view the daily deals and make purchases on the spot. The app also provides daily deal notifications, to remind you to check out the deals before time runs out. Having the app allows for paperless redeeming of the deals, a feature that's crucial to any app of this kind. And finally, the app tracks all of your purchased and saved offers.

The reviews so far point to it being a solid app, a 4 out of 5 with 101 reviews in.

Google Offers began in Portland, Oregon, and has slowly been adding more locations ever since. As of today, Google Offers is available in 19 areas including Austin, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Seattle, and Washington D.C. It's also available in three different areas of NYC.

Google has listed cities that will receive Offers support soon, including areas like Atlanta, Chicago, Houston, Los Angeles, Phoenix, and St. Louis.

Google says that an iOS app is forthcoming.

In other daily deals news, Groupon made their IPO late Thursday at $20 a share, valuing the company at nearly $13 million.

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