Groupon: The Movie Tackles Daily Deals Obsession

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Does getting everything at 50% off amount to the new American Dream?

This, and other questions will be thoughtfully explored in Groupon: The Movie, a film whose parody trailer has just been released by female-centric comedy group Comediva. The trailer for the (fake) film references other new-classic films with "American Dream" motifs like Requiem for a Dream and American Beauty.

The trailer focuses partly on Groupon CEO Andrew Mason, who comes off as more Scarface than anything else. Although Groupon: The Movie promises to be a film about the life and times of an internet CEO, the folks at Comediva point out that the story of Groupon is not like The Social Network:

“The story of Groupon is hardly The Social Network,” said "Groupon" co-writer/director and Comediva Production V.P. Emily McGregor. “Go watch some interviews with Andrew Mason -- he seems like a pretty nice guy. We thought it would be funny to take that character to the other extreme.”

Like Requiem, the story follow multiple characters - including the girl who cant stop getting spa treatments at half off - with devastating consequences

"Many of us at Comediva are recovering Groupon addicts, so we wanted to take a comedic magnifying glass to what makes Groupon addicts tick," said co-writer and Comediva Editorial V.P. Linda Yvette Chávez. “We also played on the idea that Groupon feeds us a false sense of the American Dream. Yes, we're in a recession, but if we purchase a sunset cruise at fifty percent off that's okay, right?"

In actual Groupon news, the company just made a huge IPO, the second largest tech IPO in history (next to Google).

This isn't the first internet tech target of Comediva. Back in September their "GMale" video, which was all about Google and privacy, went viral.

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