Consumers Bank on Daily Deals for Father's Day


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Daily deals provider PriceGrabber recently released a study regarding consumer spending in regards to this year's Father's Day. Interestingly, it found that consumers would be utilizing daily deals' sites to compare and shop for their dads.

Did you use daily deals offer for your dad for this year's Father's Day? Let us know.

The survey, which looked at 2,950 U.S. online consumers that planned to spend money on a Father's Day gift, found, specifically, that 45 percent of shoppers would search daily deals sites for gifts. Jon Margolis, the Senior Director of Local Merchant Accounts at PriceGrabber, told us that a lot of consumers were looking for experiential gifts for their dads this year.

PriceGrabber also recently introduced a local daily deals category that serves as an aggregator of local deals. According to the survey, 46 percent of consumers would be using this new feature while shopping for their dads. The company hopes their new solution will help alleviate the overwhelming emails that consumers receive from deals' providers and save time in their shopping efforts.

"The average consumer really doesn't have the time to spend on 20 different websites and go through 20 different emails," said Margolis.

With this aggregator solution, consumers can search by location or by category, such as tools. Margolis said that he even used it to easily find his dad a Father's Day present pertaining to golf.

As the daily deals industry grows, he went on to say that he believed consumers would take further advantage of daily deals' offerings for their friends and family.

"Instead of just buying these things for yourself, the future is going to be giving these experiences as a gift," he said.