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Your Social Music Experience: A Primer

2012 is probably going to be year that the word “social” reaches its saturation point and it becomes a parody of itself. Social nose-blowing, social traffic (cars, not browsers), social bathrooms – you name it, someone will probably find a way to make an online social experience out of it. “Social” is the most overly used adjective in any and …

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More Details On StumbleUpon’s Facebook App [UPDATED]

Yesterday, StumbleUpon launched a new app for Facebook Timeline that effortlessly integrates your accounts on the two sites. With the app installed on your Facebook account, anything you Stumble, like, or follow will automatically be published on your Facebook feed so as to share it immediately with your friends. For anybody that had any lingering questions regarding the details of …

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StumbleUpon Launches Facebook Timeline App

StumbleUpon has launched a new Facebook Timeline app that integrates your two accounts in new, exciting ways. As with similar apps, the new app will automatically share what you like on StumbleUpon in addition to sites you submit, and new Stumblers and Channels you follow. It’s a slick, seamless shortcut between finding fun pages that you StumbleUpon and then want …

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