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Jon Stewart’s Plastic Gun Is Trending (Here’s The Video)
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On Tuesday, Jon Stewart pulled out a gun on The Daily Show, as Comedy Central aired a typical Daily Show-style montage of anti gun control advocates saying things. When the montage ended, Stewart had a gun in his hand. A …

Drunk History TV Series Coming to Comedy Central This Summer

One of the funniest web series to ever exist is coming to television as Comedy Central has announced an eight-episode run of the Funny or Die original, “Drunk History.” Drunk History first hit the web over five years ago. The …

Nick Offerman Wants You to Pay to See His Nips (and Benefit Autism Groups)
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Man’s man Nick Offerman learned from Harvey Kietel that the only sure way to make money is to show your penis. With that in mind, he’s decided to strip for charity. Little by little. The viral campaign comes as a …

Daniel Tosh Hopes Viacom And DirecTV Squash Their Beef Before Next Week Daniel Tosh Hopes Viacom And DirecTV Squash Their Beef Before Next Week
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Update: Viacom has pulled shows from its sites now, so more than just DirecTV customers are affected by this. DirectTV customers have lost Nickelodeon, MTV, Comedy Central and 14 other channels, as Viacom has dropped its networks from the provider. …

Roseanne Bar Roast – Lotta Material Here

I’ve never really been a fan on Roseanne Barr’s raunchy comedic stylings, but this years roast promises to to be a good one. Roseanne has never been a girlie-girl, it’s easy to see how a lot of comedians will try …

“Countdown to Futurama” Launched by Comedy Central

Comedy Central launched its “Countdown to Futurama” today on the Futurama Facebook page. Starting today, new teaser content will be posted daily including clips, character designs, episode stills, story boards, and more. This will go on for 50 days until …

Comedy Central Acquires Off-net Rights to Community Comedy Central Acquires Off-net Rights to Community

Greendale Community College’s most famous study group will have a new member beginning in 2013 (and it’s not Beetlejuice) as COMEDY CENTRAL has reached a multi-year deal with Sony Picture Television to license the critically-acclaimed comedy series “Community,” it was …

South Park Returns Tonight! [Video] South Park Returns Tonight! [Video]

After a 4 month wait, the Comedy Central show “South Park” is back! The adventures of Stan, Kyle, Cartman, Kenny, Butters, and Randy continue in what is consistently the funniest, most “real” show on TV. Here is the press release …

“Workaholics” to Host Free House Party at SXSW
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Workaholics stars Blake Anderson, Adam Devine, Anders Holm, and director Kyle Newcheck will perform as The Wizards at Icenhausers on Friday, March 16 during SXSW. Following the performance Workaholics invites fans to hang out, party, listen to live music, play …

Netflix Eyeing New Episodes of Reno 911! Netflix Eyeing New Episodes of Reno 911!

And by “eyeing,” I mean Netflix actually wants to further its commitment to the content production side of the entertainment business, something they’ve already established with the House of Cards endeavor. While original programming is one thing, can Netflix help …

Charlie Sheen Roast Dredges Up Ryan Dunn Twitter Controversy Charlie Sheen Roast Dredges Up Ryan Dunn Twitter Controversy
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From a night filled with off-color jokes about drug use, domestic violence, prostitution, mental retardation, and child custody, one particular joke is commanding the most internet chatter. On last night’s Comedy Central Roast of Charlie Sheen, roaster Amy Schumer used …

Charlie Sheen Roast Gets A Preview, Twitter Chatter Charlie Sheen Roast Gets A Preview, Twitter Chatter
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The first couple of clips from the upcoming Comedy Central Roast of Charlie Sheen have hit the internet, and it looks like they are batting .500. The show actually filmed last weekend, but won’t hit the air until next Monday, …

Netflix Gets More MTV, Nickelodeon, Comedy Central Shows Netflix Gets More MTV, Nickelodeon, Comedy Central Shows
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Netflix is adding yet more content to its streaming offering. This time, the company’s existing partnership with Viacom and MTV Networks is getting an expansion that sees more episodes of popular television shows coming to Netflix’s on-demand service, effective immediately. …

Hulu To Lose Comedy Central’s Stewart, Colbert

Two of the most popular shows on Hulu will be pulled off the site after March 9th.  Hulu announced late yesterday that it and Comedy Central have been unable to reach an agreement concerning the distribution of The Daily Show and The Colbert Report.

Netflix Now Streaming South Park And Nickelodeon Shows

Netflix has announced it will be offering programming from Viacom’s MTV Networks and Comedy Central via its streaming service.

The first nine seasons of  "South Park" featuring 139 episodes are now available to be instantly streamed from Netflix.

Comedy Central Gives Jokes.com A New Look
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Comedy Central announced today that it has relaunched its stand-up comedy site Jokes.com.

The site has a large stand-up video library with more than 5,000 clips, including an archive of Comedy Central’s original stand-up programming.

Comedy Central Relaunches ColbertNation.com
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Comedy Central has relaunched ColbertNation.com making it a Web hub for its show "The Colbert Report."

The new ColbertNation.com site features more than 2,800 video clips dating back to the launch of the popular comedy program in 2005.

Hulu Scores Colbert, Stewart Shows

Video site Hulu, jointly owned by NBC Universal and News Corp., will begin offering full episodes of Viacom’s Comedy Central programs "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart" and "The Colbert Report" as part of a test.

The test to offer the satirical political shows could lead to Viacom putting other popular programs on Hulu, a move that is a change in strategy for Viacom which previously was focused on offering content on its own sites.

Microsoft Zune Scores More Content
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In an effort to compete with Apple, Microsoft said today that it is adding downloadable television shows from Comedy Central, MTV, NBC, and others to its online Zune store.

The new content also includes programs from Nickelodeon, Turner Broadcasting and VH1, Microsoft said. Titles include "South Park" which is already available for free online, "The Office", "Battlestar Galactica", "Heroes" and "Spongebob SquarePants."

South Park Episodes Now Free Online
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Fans of the irreverent South Park will now be able to watch all 12 seasons of the animated series online.

South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone along with Comedy Central have launched southparkstudios.com. The site will be ad supported with initial sponsorship from Toyota and Virgin

MTV To Launch Two Dozen Sites

MTV Networks (MTVN) announced today the development of two dozen targeted Web sites that will allow users to have better access to their favorite music, entertainment and pop culture content.