Drunk History TV Series Coming to Comedy Central This Summer

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One of the funniest web series to ever exist is coming to television as Comedy Central has announced an eight-episode run of the Funny or Die original, "Drunk History."

Drunk History first hit the web over five years ago. The premise of the short videos is simple: Someone drinks a bunch of liquor and proceeds to tell the story behind a famous historical event - the friendship of Lincoln and Douglass, Benjamin Franklin discovering electricity, Alexander Hamilton & Aaron Burr. etc.

The videos feature the drunk storyteller as narrator, but also feature dramatic recreations of the events as they unfold - as they unfold from the mouths of the drunk storytellers, of course.

Tied to produce the project are Funny or Die co-founders Will Ferrell and Adam McKay, along with creator Derek Waters and original writer/director Jeremy Konner. As you probably know from watching the original web series, A-list actors have always been eager to make an appearance in a dramatic reenactment. Online, that has included names like Jack Black, Jim Carrey, Michael Cera, Zooey Deschanel, Ryan Gosling, John C. Reilly, Jason Ritter and Danny McBride.

Apparently, we can expect more of the same when it hits Comedy Central. Episodes will run for 30 minutes and are slated to air this summer.

"Will and I have always believed booze brings out truth. Sometimes that truth involves hitting on airport bar janitors or eating cheese fries at 4 a.m. But in this case, we hope that truth will shine on our nation's history," said McKay.

In honor of the announcement, here's a healthy serving of Drunk History:

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