Amy Schumer Draws In Audiences With Feminist Humor

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Amy Schumer was most well known for her biting performances at Hollywood roasts before she landed her own show at Comedy Central, but now that she's got our attention, she's not going anywhere.

Inside Amy Schumer had the most-watched series premiere for the network in 2013, and considering that 60% of Comedy Central's audience is male, that's saying a lot. For all the talk recently of whether or not women can be funny, Schumer is among several women who are finally gaining recognition in the comedy world, and she's using it to her advantage. With sketches that deliver a feminist message along with a bite of satire, the show has proven itself to be a huge draw for adult audiences.


Schumer says there are a lot of reasons to tune in to the new season, which premiered on Tuesday night, but only one that matters.

“You’ll laugh for 30 minutes,” Schumer said. “I would say only watch it if you enjoy laughing.”

The new season will have some major guest talent throughout, including Paul Giamatti, Josh Charles, Zach Braff, Janeane Garofalo, Parker Posey, and Rachel Dratch.

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