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Google’s Games Chat Show Is Back For A Third Episode

It’s been a while since Google last graced us with its wonderful Games Chat show. If you’re new to it, be prepared for 45 minutes of Google gamers and game developers talking about trends in the industry and browser game development. This week’s episode tackles more topics relating to game development on the Web. The group discusses the single sign-in …

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Check Out Google’s New Game Show

Google has a new game show, and no, it’s not something like “Figure It Out.” It’s a show about games – video games to be exact. It’s nothing new for Google as they run a weekly show on their Android developers channel that discusses the latest games hitting the Android platform. The new show from Google, however, is more about …

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Exclusive: The Future Of Social Games Through The Eyes Of Frogdice

If you own a smartphone or frequent Facebook, there’s a pretty good chance that you’re a gamer. While you might not consider yourself one of the hardcore gamers that spend more than 30 hours a week saving a kingdom or competing online, you probably spend a few minutes a day tending to a virtual farm or playing Words with Friends. …

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New Onimusha Game In The Works

Capcom announced a new Onimusha game last week and fans are probably not going to like it very much. Onimusha was a series of games made by Capcom in the early 2000s that took Resident Evil gameplay and put it in a classic samurai setting. It was an interesting concept and it gained a lot of fans for its unique …

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