Check Out Google's New Game Show


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Google has a new game show, and no, it's not something like "Figure It Out." It's a show about games - video games to be exact. It's nothing new for Google as they run a weekly show on their Android developers channel that discusses the latest games hitting the Android platform. The new show from Google, however, is more about games built for the Web in HTML5 and DART.

Two episodes of the show are now out for your enjoyment. Gamers and game developers will both want to check it out. It's interesting for gamers as the Google employees talk about the future of games and where things are doing in the digital and browser-based space. It's definitely going to cause some arguments as these guys argue passionately for games moving away from traditional distribution to the Web.

The second episode is a continuation of the first episode as the first ended abruptly. They continue talking about trends in gaming. They also discuss how developers can better optimize their games for the Web and online play.

The Google Games Chat is brave new territory for Google as they push to bring gaming to the Web. The Internet is changing how we make and play games. It's pretty exciting to see a major tech player like Google jumping into the foray. It proves that gaming has reached a point beyond mainstream acceptance into something that should be invested in by everybody.