Google's Games Chat Show Is Back For A Third Episode

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It's been a while since Google last graced us with its wonderful Games Chat show. If you're new to it, be prepared for 45 minutes of Google gamers and game developers talking about trends in the industry and browser game development.

This week's episode tackles more topics relating to game development on the Web. The group discusses the single sign-in on Google+ for transferring game saves across devices. It's a look at how HMTL5 games will be able to deal with the issue of saving progress in Web games without the use of cookies.

There's also a lot of great discussion on the future of gaming, including a talk on gamer parents. Will the future of gaming be dependent upon on parents indoctrinating their children into playing games? These guys seem to think so, but watch and formulate your own opinion.

Check out the rest of the video for 45 minutes of Web development discussion. Games have proven this week to be pushing the future of HTML5 with the latest version of Firefox. It's exciting to see a weekly show that will actually discuss the latest developments in the world of browser gaming.

On a personal note, it would be great to see the Google Games Chat team up with the Firefox HTML5 games team for an episode. An in depth look at how advanced 3D games are made in HTML5 would be awesome and educational.

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